Heels Season 2: Everything we know so far about another season

TREY TUCKER in HEELS EPISODE 4 - Courtesy of STARZ/Quantrell Colbert
TREY TUCKER in HEELS EPISODE 4 - Courtesy of STARZ/Quantrell Colbert /

Now that the Heels finale has aired, we’re all wondering whether STARZ is going to give us Heels Season 2. Here’s what we know so far.

The following article contains spoilers for the Heels season finale, do not read if you haven’t finished the season yet.

As of right now, the people at STARZ have not made their decision regarding the future of Heels. That said, the fact the show has received almost unanimous critical acclaim should be enough to earn it at least a second season. I don’t know if Heels has received the ratings that STARZ was hoping for, but I think the show could grow its audience in Season 2 as more people discover it while it’s off the air.

The show could be an awards contender next year and it would feel premature if STARZ axed it already. That said, until we know for sure, it’s hard to know what the executives are thinking.

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Heels Season 2 release date

Since STARZ has not given the show an official renewal yet, it’s hard to predict exactly when the show would return. It’s easier to predict this when we know a production timeframe. That said, I think Heels works well as a late summer show, so I wouldn’t be surprised if they tried to release it in August or September 2022.

Heels Season 2 plot details

The finale ended with Crystal becoming the DWL championship, Ace and Jack on bad terms, and with Staci and Jack’s marriage on shaky ground. There are a lot of directions for the show to go in moving forward. I have a feeling that Crystal’s popularity and success will lead the DWL to focus on her and potentially bring in another female wrestler or two.

Either that or Jack will try to minimize Crystal’s contribution and have her give up the belt ASAP. Hopefully, he’ll get push back from the others and Willie if he tries it because it’s obvious fans loved Crystal becoming the champion. Along those lines, I wonder if Heels will try exploring a Crystal and Bobby romance.

Beyond that, Jack is going to have to do some serious soul-searching if he wants to make things right with Ace and Staci. And speaking of Ace, do we think he’ll quit the DWL, at least temporarily?

Heels Season 2 cast

It’s hard to imagine any of the cast members leaving ahead of the second season. Obviously, it’s too early to tell who the cast will be, but I don’t think it will change much. Hopefully, they’ll add some more female wrestlers to the DWL, it’d be fun to get some new blood around.

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Do you want Heels Season 2 to happen? What would you most like to see from the second season? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

All eight episodes of Heels are now streaming on STARZ.