The Morning Show Season 2, Episode 6: Where in the World is Alex Levy?

Greta Lee and Holland Taylor in “The Morning Show,” now streaming on Apple TV+.
Greta Lee and Holland Taylor in “The Morning Show,” now streaming on Apple TV+. /

The Morning Show Season 2, Episode 6 saw Alex completely MIA, Chip in SOS mode, and Bradley saying FML. The result? All of us saying OMG. Alex’s mysterious disappearance threw the network into chaos — and left an opening for Laura Peterson to make her triumphant return to morning television. But not everyone got so lucky. Both Stella and Mia in particular are feeling the pressure to get Alex Levy back on track.

This episode also offered us a deep dive into Bradley’s life, with both her past and future thrown into question with the return of her brother Hal and the outing of her relationship with Laura. She’s faced with tough decision after tough decision, struggling not to crack under the weight of it all. Read on to find out what else happened in the ironically titled episode “A Private Person.”

The Morning Show Season 2, Episode 6 recap: Wherefore art thou, Alex?

The Morning Show Season 2
Mark Duplass and Victoria Tate in “The Morning Show,” now streaming on Apple TV+. /

After abruptly dropping out of moderating the debate, Alex is nowhere to be found. And between Stella and Mia interrogating him as to when she’ll be back, Laura mentioning Alex going to Maggie’s hotel room, and a plethora of unanswered calls, Chip starts to get worried. His fears are only heightened when he pays a visit to her house and finds Isabella there, who tells him Alex left and gave her strict orders not to tell anyone where she was going.

The Morning Show Season 2, Episode 6 recap: Shade and suspensions

The Morning Show Season 2
Desean Terry in “The Morning Show,” now streaming on Apple TV+. /

While Bradley and Laura are dominating the public conversation, the other anchors are getting themselves into conflict behind the scenes. Daniel interviews colleague Peter Bullard about his new show — one where he’ll be conducting long-form interviews with people making positive change.

Considering his past doing irreverent celebrity interviews, it’s a big shift, and an irritated Daniel puts Peter into an awkward position by mentioning the time he called him “mincing.” Though Mia convinces him to stop pushing before it can get too far, Peter goes straight to Cory with his complaint, and Cory tells them they need to be on their best behavior. Peter is, after all, making them big money on their new streaming service.

Mia is feeling the pressure and stress all around. In addition to Daniel’s interview and Alex’s absence, she writes to one of her contacts about the buzzed-about excerpt from Maggie’s book and discovers the passage will talk about how Mitch specifically targeted Black women.

Like he has been the majority of The Morning Show Season 2, Yanko also finds himself in hot water — this time over punching the man who called Stella racial slurs. Although Yanko and Stella bond over being the odd one out due to their ethnicity, Stella ultimately has to play hardball and suspend him. Yanko is furious, convinced he can’t win. First, he’s accused of being a racist, and now they’re all mad at him for standing up to one.

The Morning Show Season 2
Nestor Carbonell in “The Morning Show,” now streaming on Apple TV+. /

Stella is met with a lecture of her own when she runs into Cybil, who condescends her and tells her she needs to start being able to control the talent. She mentions the fact that Bradley was supposed to be fired when she pulled her own “being sick” stunt, and Stella is shocked — Cory never told her. Cybil, however, is not impressed by her excuse that she didn’t know. She tells Stella that she and Cory are a team, and she needs to figure out who she’s going to be loyal to.

The Morning Show Season 2, Episode 6 recap: Out of the closet, into the dressing room

After considering the idea last week, Cory ultimately decides to take the plunge and give The Vault the story about Bradley and Laura — something that has huge consequences. Though things seem to be going well for them — Bradley is asked to moderate the Phoenix debate after doing a great job in Vegas, Laura is asked to step in and guest anchor while Alex is away, and the two seem to be growing even closer and more serious — the release of the story is traumatic for both of them, shaking up their lives.

Already thrown off by the surprise visit of her brother Hal, the story leaking causes Bradley to spiral and nearly have a panic attack on air. She immediately flees to her dressing room after a segment, freaking out even more when Laura comes in to speak with her, as she’s worried about people seeing them leave the room together.

Lauran tells her she knows what she’s going through, as she was publicly outed as well, but Bradley assures her she’s not ashamed that everyone knows her sexuality — she’s just a private person who doesn’t want the world knowing about her relationship with anyone. She’s never been in a long-term relationship, as she always manages to screw it up. With it public knowledge now, everyone will know when it inevitably ends.

Not wanting to face her brother, Bradley stays in her dressing room well into the night, brought out of her daze by a call from Laura inviting her over. Laura opens up, telling her that today was traumatic for her, too, as she’s already been humiliatingly outed once. A hurt and exhausted Bradley picks a fight, asking if it was traumatic because she was outed with her.

Laura gives her a chance to apologize, but Bradley digs deeper, telling her she doesn’t understand how she grew up and what her family is like. Laura replies that there is more than one way to mess up your kids and that she’s not a child anymore — there’s no excuse to act like this anymore, and she needs to change her circumstances. She retracts her invitation to come over.

Things go from bad to worse when Bradley does eventually get home, as her brother says their mom has been calling him all day, embarrassed by the news. Bradley is irritated, saying that people have evolved and she should get over it. She also doesn’t like the insinuation that Hal has to always be at their mom’s beck and call — they don’t owe that woman anything.

Hal explodes, admitting that he’s been using drugs because he has to be to bear living with their mom. Though she’s a horrible person, she’s also fragile, and he feels guilty about abandoning her. Hal confesses he doesn’t care if he lives anymore and begs Bradley to let him stay. Bradley, however, is completely overwhelmed, telling him this is too much to put on her plate.

She offers to pay for his rehab, but he doesn’t want to take her money. They get into a screaming match, and Bradley tells him he can’t take his anger about their mom out on her. Hal replies this anger is Bradley’s to have because everything has always been about her.

During their argument, Cory knocks on the door, assuring Bradley that she doesn’t have to make a statement either way about Laura — to the press or to him. Bradley breaks down, getting vulnerable about how much she cares what her family thinks of her for some reason. She admits that being around Laura makes it clear what she aspires to be but being around Hal makes it obvious who she really is.

The one thing that came from all of this is clarity: Bradley knows what — and who — she wants now. She cares about Laura, and she’s going to have to say that for everyone to hear. Her decision made, she tells Cory goodbye and breaks the news to Hal that he needs to leave tomorrow.

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