A classic Thanksgiving dinner as Game of Thrones characters

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Large feasts were common in Game of Thrones, so it only makes sense to compare the iconic characters to iconic dishes served at Thanksgiving dinner. While there might be some parallels between a Thanksgiving dinner to a Westerosi feast, the actual reasons are vastly different. It is safe to say that, for a majority of United States’ inhabitants, Thanksgiving will be the biggest meal they have in a calendar year. Families will gather around the table, and every kid will try to avoid talking about their personal life, while old generational quarrels will come close to blowing up (if not actually blowing up).

Eddie Huang Thanksgiving Dinner, photo provided by DoorDash

In Westeros, however, feasts are a regular occurrence, and while some of the traditions folks experience in the United States are similar, so much more happens. A feast in one of the seven kingdoms could lead to a country-wide civil war, a fatal betrayal, or the coronation of another new monarch. Because Thanksgiving dinner and HBO’s premier fantasy series are so infamous, it only makes sense to compare the two groups and see which individual character from the TV show matches the food that will fill our bellies on the third Thursday of November.

Turkey: Daenerys Targaryen

iconic female characters

Emilia Clarke as Daenerys Targaryen – Photo: Courtesy of HBO

No matter anyone’s opinion about characters, it is hard to argue how important Daenerys is to the world of Game of Thrones. Her growth and development throughout every episode are always one of the most prominent and pivotal scenes in the seasons. While other characters’ stories might waver from the show’s titular competition, Daenerys is always striving to be victorious at any cost. Like a Thanksgiving turkey, Daenerys only achieved greatness and reached her full potential through absorbing massive amounts of heat and pressure over an extended period of time. But once the game bird and the Dragon Queen are ready, they can be fully experienced. The only downside of this Daenerys turkey, however, is that it received too much heat and wound up burnt.

Mashed Potatoes:  Jon Snow

Game of Thrones, Most In-Demand

Kit Harington as Jon Snow – Photo: Helen Sloan/HBO

Jon Snow was always portrayed as the most admirable and honorable character in the Game of Thrones, other than his father* Ned Stark. Not only was his honor one of his best characteristics, but it was also his ability to always end up doing the right thing and maintain his highly regarded protagonist standing. One major critique that audiences had regarding the bastard of Winterfell was his occasional insipidness and too “goody-two-shoes” in a series known for his complex or diabolical villains. Sure, mashed potatoes can easily be seen as the blandest dish on the dinner plate, but that is only without the necessary spices. Jon Snow became much more of a palatable character when his life was spiced up living with the Free Folk, dying, being resurrected, and making it his life mission to stop the oncoming undead army.

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