Euphoria season 2 episode 4 recap: Will Nate choose Maddy or Cassie?

Euphoria season 2
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On this episode of Euphoria season 2, Elliot gives Jules big news, Cassie takes drastic measures to impress Nate, and Cal makes a big decision regarding his family.

Read on to learn what happened in Euphoria season 2 episode 4, “You Who Cannot See, Think of Those Who Can.”

Euphoria season 2 episode 4 recap: What does Elliot’s admission to Jules mean for Rue?

Rue can’t feel herself having sex with Jules — a side effect of the drugs — so she fakes an orgasm to get her to stop. Jules, however, knows she was pretending and confides in Elliot about her fears regarding whether Rue is attracted to her. Elliot suggests maybe she’s just bad at eating people out and begins to teach her proper technique on her hand — something that turns into something more intimate.

Elliot, Jules, and Rue’s relationship gets more entangled and complicated, as Elliot and Jules make out while Rue is in the bathroom and Rue and Elliot make out on Jules’s dare. Jules then dares Elliot to lick her stomach to try and get under Rue’s skin.

This reaches a head after Elliot distracts a cashier while Jules steals liquor from the convenience store. Elliot gets concerned that Rue is drinking while on drugs in the backseat, and when Jules tells Rue not to drink, Rue gets defensive and tells Jules she can’t stand her before getting out of the car and crawling through her window. That night, Rue dreams of her father and apologizes for letting him down. He tells her he knows her and is with her.

Meanwhile, Jules showers at Elliot’s house and borrows a shirt, which turns into them kissing. Elliot admits to Jules that Rue isn’t sober and hasn’t been since he met her — something he didn’t want to keep lying to her about.

Euphoria season 2 episode 4 recap: Will Nate choose Maddy or Cassie?

Euphoria season 2
Euphoria season 2 /

Maddy and Nate are still seeing each other, even though Maddy confesses that she feels like Nate ruined her forever, telling him she really loved him. He, however, isn’t sure he felt loved by her.

Cassie feels conflicted about hiding the fact she’s seeing Nate from Maddy, but her emotions quickly flip to anger when she believes Nate is back together with her. He assures her they’re not together but turns on her, too, saying she’s not as sweet as she pretends to be considering she had sex with her best friend’s boyfriend.

Cassie loses it, saying she doesn’t care what Maddy does to her — she and Nate and toxic, and she’ll do anything she can to prevent them from getting back together. Nate gets flustered, accidentally calling Cassie Maddy and accusing her of trying to blackmail him into a relationship. Cassie storms out, Nate trying to stop her by telling her he loves her.

Cassie is a mess when she gets home. She freaks out on Lexi when she asks her if she’s okay, and Lexi decides to use this content for her play. Things go from bad to worse when Nate shows up at Maddy’s birthday party — something Cassie’s been waiting for all night.

Cassie gets even more unhinged as the night goes on, chugging alcohol, putting on a swimsuit to impress Nate, and dancing around the living room. It all comes to a head when she pukes in the hot tub while Nate and Maddy fight about whether they’re back together — or ever could be.

Kat’s also having relationship issues, admitting to Maddy that she doesn’t like Ethan even though she knows he’s good for her. Maddy says nobody actually ever knows what they want and what you desire is often different from what’s healthy.

Euphoria season 2 episode 4 recap: Did Cal leave his family for good?

Cassie’s not the only messy drunk. Cal tells Nate he’s a part of him he’ll never understand before getting drunk and going on a drive to a gay bar. There, he dances with a man he imagines is his high school friend and crush.

The dance turns into wrestling, which leaves the man confused. Three larger men kick Cal out, and he goes home and pees in the entryway. His wife and kids come see what’s going on, and he tells them all he had sex with a man when their mom was pregnant for the first time.

He vows to have sex with whoever he wants whenever he wants and says his biggest regret is having Nate before judging his older brother’s taste in porn. He says this family is the reason he’s messed up because he’s not allowed to form emotional connections despite being an emotional guy before leaving — seemingly for good.

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