Euphoria season 2 episode 7 recap: How does Lexi’s play portray everyone?

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This week on Euphoria season 2, Lexi’s play premieres — to mixed responses. Lexi is clearly in her element, directing the actors and critiquing lighting cues with ease and passion. However, everyone is quite shocked when they realize the play is based on them.

Read on to discover how everyone reacted in the Euphoria season 2 episode 7 recap, “The Theater and It’s Double.”

Euphoria season 2 episode 7 recap: How does Lexi portray Rue?

Lexi portrays Rue rather gently in her play. She recalls checking on Rue at her dad’s funeral, where she finds her doing drugs in her bedroom. She tries to read her poetry to comfort her but quickly realizes the drugs are a greater comfort to Rue than she could ever be.

She also remembers a time the two sat on a roof before they started high school. Lexi wanted to try to be cool, but Rue didn’t care, as her father encouraged her not to try to fit in. Lexi remembers this being one of the last times they were close before they grew apart and she didn’t know how to answer when people asked if they were still best friends. Lexi eventually tried weed with Rue, but Lexi didn’t like it. She couldn’t control her brain like she normally could, only able to focus on bad thoughts.

Outside of Lexi’s play, Rue has a conversation with Gia. Her little sister is worried she’ll have fewer memories of their dad as she gets older, and Rue says she’s worried about that, too. Unfortunately, she doesn’t think there’s any way to prevent it from happening.

Rue’s mom Leslie tells Rue that she completely broke her and that she can do whatever drugs she wants whenever she wants. Rue thinks there’s a catch, but Leslie tells her she can’t convince her that her life is important — she’ll have to make that decision for herself.

Leslie tells her she’s going to focus on Gia, who’s now getting bad grades and detention. Rue is surprised to learn this, and Leslie tells her she only thinks of herself. If she has to choose between losing one daughter or two, she says she will fight to save Gia. Rue says that’s fair.

Rue also hasn’t spoken to Jules since her intervention, and Jules smashes the disc Nate gave her with the video Cal took.

Euphoria season 2 episode 7 recap: How does Lexi’s play portray Cassie?

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Lexi is most nervous about Cassie seeing the play — and probably for good reason. She talks about how Cassie hitting puberty was the most defining moment of her life and made her excited to grow up. Though Lexi was disappointed she didn’t get a body like her sister’s, she realizes that being known for your looks causes problems, too.

Lexi also touches on her family and their issues, recalling a time her dad fell asleep at an amusement park in the middle of the day. She wanted to call her mom, but Cassie stopped her, not wanting their dad to think they didn’t trust him. Lexi cried the entire way home while her ice cream melted.

However, she remembers a happy memory, too — one of her whole family dancing around the living room — which makes both Cassie and her mom emotional in the audience. Lexi muses that she and her sister had so many of the same wishes growing up that it’s crazy how different they became.

She begins talking about how they all thought they knew what love was but in reality had no idea, which made it intoxicating. She admits that Nate and Maddy’s relationship was the first exposure everyone had to love and explores the impact that had.

Lexi admits that Maddy made her nervous at first, as she was always so sure of herself. However, once Maddy’s parents started fighting, she basically moved in with them for a few months, and Lexi started seeing some of the cracks. Cassie held her while she cried herself to sleep, reassuring her she knew how she felt since her parents used to fight. She promised she could stay with them as long as she wanted.

After Maddy learns about Nate and Cassie, Cassie flees to the bathroom, and Maddy bangs on the door to get her to come out. She says it’s not about Nate — it’s about their friendship — and that Cassie was a coward for not facing her. She would never have done this to her best friend.

Cassie is still trying to pretend like everything is fine, fake smiling in the mirror. It’s clear her and Nate’s relationship is already incredibly toxic, though, with Cassie telling them he can control everything about her life because she trusts he knows what’s best. One night, Nate has a nightmare about Cal doing to him what he did to Jules in the video, which terrifies him.

Maddy confides in Samantha that she’s afraid she’s going to break Nate’s heart when she ends things with him for good, but Samantha shrugs and says it’s good practice before giving her the gift of the sparkly purple dress she had her unzip.

When Lexi’s play includes a musical number implying that Nate has done gay activities with boys on the football team, Nate freaks out and leaves. Cassie follows him, apologetic, but he tells her to pack her stuff and leave, as Lexi is her sister and she humiliated him.

Euphoria season 2 episode 7 recap: Why didn’t Fez come to Lexi’s play?

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Lexi talks to Fez often in the days leading up to the play, and he assures her that nobody should be upset if characters are based on them as long as her intentions are good. He promises to be in the front row opening night.

Fez gets flowers, and Faye irons and helps him into his shirt, though it’s clear something is going on when Custer shows up and acts suspicious with Faye. Custer tells Faye to be cool and that he loves her — something that makes Ashtray uneasy. Later that night, we learn Fez never picked up the ticket Lexi set aside for him.

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