Inventing Anna episode 4 recap: Why does Alan help Anna?

Inventing Anna. Julia Garner as Anna Delvey in episode 102 of Inventing Anna. Cr. Aaron Epstein/Netflix © 2021
Inventing Anna. Julia Garner as Anna Delvey in episode 102 of Inventing Anna. Cr. Aaron Epstein/Netflix © 2021 /

On Inventing Anna episode 4, Vivian interviews Alan Reed — the man who was conned into helping Anna secure tens of millions of dollars for her business venture. Read on to discover what happened in Inventing Anna episode 4, “A Wolf in Chic Clothing.”

Inventing Anna episode 4 recap: How is Fyre Festival connected?

Anna is not deterred by the fact that Abby Rosen, one of the biggest real estate moguls, owns the building she wants, casually giving tours and explaining her plans — private butlers, clubs within clubs, shops, restaurants, hotels, and more. In order for this to come to fruition, she needs to secure $40 million in financing, which she looks to Alan Reed for.

While she’s doing this, she’s talking to a friend who’s trying to get Fyre Festival off the ground — something Anna deems small-scale and stupid. She also steals a $35k jet to get to Omaha for Warren Buffet’s conference, where she is humiliated by not being able to get into the party everyone says is for only important people.

Inventing Anna episode 4 recap: Who is Alan Reed?

Inventing Anna episode 4
Inventing Anna. Julia Garner as Anna Delvery in episode 101 of Inventing Anna. Cr. Aaron Epstein/Netflix © 2021 /

Alan’s racquetball partner is the one who tells him about Anna. He’s skeptical at first, thinking Anna hasn’t done enough market research and has no capital in the states. When she ambushes him in his office building for a second chance, he shuts her down, saying that is no way to do business.

She perseveres, sneaking into his office and explaining that it’s hard to be a young woman in business — something his daughter will have to struggle with. This resonates with Alan, as his daughter is currently aimless and begging for more money to go on a retreat. He seems to be coming around and even comes to a party Anna throws with her investors, where they all talk her up. Alan eventually calls Peter, who has all the paperwork for Anna’s trust and confirms she has $65 million to her name.

Inventing Anna episode 4 recap: Why does Alan help Anna?

Vivian can’t fathom why Alan would help Anna, even wondering if maybe they were having sex. However, it’s explained to her that Alan works on billable hours — and he’s raking up a lot with Anna. The problem is, he was working without a retainer and was never paid.

It’s clear, however, there’s more to it. Working with Anna changed Alan. Not only did it give him the courage to cut his daughter off after Anna says that her own father doing it helped her learn to take care of herself, but it also improves his marriage. There’s a new energy he seems to have, being more affectionate and happy after Anna helps him pick out art for his office. He even goes to a hip new restaurant she recommended.

Sadly, things start to crumble when Anna’s documents are too vague for the underwriters and her loan is put in jeopardy. Anna is frantic, but Alan promises to take care of it, helping her get $100k more than she needs and a bank that wants to mend the relationship she has with them.

But in a shocking twist, Vivian discovers Anna was using a virtual SIM card to get a German number and a voice translator app to pretend to be Peter — the one who confirmed and reassured Alan of Anna’s assets.

Vivian visits Anna, defensive of Alan after what she did to him, but Anna says he got promoted after everything, as men only ever fail up. Her own father only ever wanted sons and constantly underestimated her because she was a woman.

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