This Is Us season 6 episode 18 recap: This Is The Conclusion

This article contains SPOILERS for This Is Us season 6 episode 18.

As Rebecca’s funeral service proceeds, the Big Three take a look at their pasts and futures in this week’s episode of This is Us season 6.

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The finale of This Is Us season 6 starts off with Jack and Rebecca waking up one Saturday morning where Rebecca explains how she used to love when her father took her to the park and pushed her on the swing. She quickly transitions to appreciating those good times before those good times end.

A montage of the Pearsons pushing their children in swings occurs across multiple generations. The episode then goes to the morning of Rebecca’s funeral with parallels to the Saturday morning that Jack and Rebecca woke up and agreed to plan nothing.

Randall is preparing for his eulogy while Beth gives him a hard time about losing his last of four parents (five with Miguel). But Randall is calm and centered with his emotions which proves to Beth and the audience how much he has changed and improved upon with his anxiety.

This is Us season 6 episode 18: The Big Three get some big assurances

Outside, all of the teenage children of the Big Three are playing foursquare, just as the Big Three did on that family Saturday, with Kate watching her family play both times. As Kate watches on, Toby approaches and respectfully requests to say three things that would likely cross his ex-husband’s boundaries.

Nonetheless Kate agrees. Toby states that one, Rebecca was extremely proud of her.

Two, Toby is proud of her. And three, he loves Kate.

Tobias goes on to say that even though their marriage didn’t go the distance, he wouldn’t change a thing even if Doc Brown flew in with his DeLorean. On that lazy Saturday, the next activity is watching home movies.

Jack picks the first time the Big Three did their little chant. Kevin and Randall are watching on begrudgingly and not having any fun before leaving the family event.

Rebecca checks on Kevin listening to him explain how he failed the pull-up portion of the fitness exam. She tells him that not everything will come easy; some things are going to take practice and hard work.

THIS IS US — “Us” Episode 618 — Pictured: (l-r) Griffin Dunne as Nicky, Justin Hartley as Kevin — (Photo by: Ron Batzdorff/NBC)

As this scene is going on, Kevin is waiting for the service to start. Everyone begins to arrive when Uncle Nicky approaches him.

He sarcastically explains how Kevin ruined his life by giving him loved ones and reminding him how to love and care for other people. Jack goes to check on Randall after he stormed off.

It turns out Randall was being made fun of for having hair on his lip in front of his whole class. His anxiety begs him to lose the attention.

To do this, however, he pulls a chair out from a classmate who was trying to sit. Randall is alone while being disciplined in his school.

Jack explains that he does not know how to discipline his son. Since Randall already feels bad, Jack instead teaches his son how to shave.

Back at the funeral service, all three children give their respective eulogies without any stress and with plenty of ease.

This is Us season 6 episode 18: Jack shares some classic wisdom

As Jack is showing Randall how to shave, Kevin comes in. Jack decidedly teaches them both.

They are upset about Kate wanting to do “baby stuff” but Jack keeps them in check. He reminds his sons to live in the moment and to not wish to grow up too fast.

This is something Kate does not need reminding of. After the service and down at the cabin, Randall explains to his daughters how he spent so long trying to hold on to his mom that he feels life is pointless now that she is gone.

Tess and Annie give Deja some space where his adopted daughter explains that being a grandfather makes life not pointless. This explanation from Deja sends Randall down thinking about how William was a grandfather for all of seven months.

Deja also explains that she is having a boy and will be naming him after Randall’s biological father. This opens the floodgates and Randall is filled with the joy of familial love.

THIS IS US — “Us” Episode 618 — Pictured: (l-r) La Trice Harper Deja, Sterling K. Brown as Randall — (Photo by: Ron Batzdorff/NBC)

This is Us season 6 episode 18: Us

The Big Three all sit together on the cabin’s steps looking back at their parents and looking at their respective futures. It is looking like Randall is being soft-launched as the DNC’s candidate for president, Kate is opening up music schools for the visually impaired all around the world, and Kevin is focusing on his non-profit while living in his lovely home that was a journey to get there.

The Big Three close their sibling love session by doing their Big Three chant for the last time in the whole series. The episode is coming to a close when it looks at what Rebecca experienced on the train before she said goodbye.

As she was laying down next to Jack, her husband explained that even though she will be gone and not seen, she will still be there with her kids. This assurance from Jack is all Rebecca needs to give his hand one last squeeze before letting go.

Finally, on that lazy Saturday in the Pearson’s Pittsburgh residence, the whole family is playing Pin the Tail on the Donkey, having a great time and living in the moment. Each of the Big Three gets one last look at their parents, showcasing their similarities as the episode, and the entire series comes to an end.

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