Bridgerton receives three Emmy Award Nominations but deserves more

Yesterday, announcements were made regarding the 2022 Emmy Award Nominations. While the competition to receive such nominations is tough, to say the least, Netflix’s romantic drama Bridgerton received three nominations.

These nominations are as follows: Outstanding Character Voice-Over Performance (Julie Andrews as Lady Whistledown), Period Costumes, Period and/or Character Hairstyling. While it’s wonderful to see Bridgerton being recognized for all of these nominations, we can’t help but feel the series based on the Julia Quinn novels was also snubbed.

The focus of Bridgerton season 2 was that of the complicated romance between Anthony Bridgerton and new character Kate Sharma. While Anthony (played by Jonathan Bailey) has been a main character of sorts since season 1, there is no denying the grandeur of which the character grew while having undeniable chemistry with Kate (played by Simone Ashley).

Their connection and story not only became the foundation of season 2 but Anthony and Kate became the ‘It Couple’ that people who both watch the show, read the books, or were just aware of both could not stop talking about. Their dialogue, presence, even nonverbal actions couldn’t have been more perfect to tell audiences a worthy romance story.

Bridgerton receives three Emmy Award Nominations but fails to recognize the acting talents of Jonathan Bailey and Ashley Simone.

They were more than just pawns in a love triangle or characters in the slowest burn in the history of television. They represented a complex and engaging love story that we barely see in television period.

It came as an honest shock that neither Bailey or Ashley received a nomination for their stellar acting skills and prowess. How could they have gone ignored, when Bridgerton season 2 broke new Netflix records?!

We may be scratching our heads for quite some time about this. We do hope Bridgerton season 3 gets more recognition that it clearly deserves.

Do you think Bridgerton deserved more Emmy nominations? Share your thoughts in the comments below, we’d love to read them!