Who is Ginny in the upcoming TWD spinoff Isle of the Dead?

Isle of the Dead. Image courtesy AMC
Isle of the Dead. Image courtesy AMC /

As The Walking Dead spinoff Isle of the Dead begins filming, fans and walker stalkers (raises hand) have been trying to piece together what the series will be about. From images and video taken during filming, little can be deciphered.

But when it was announced that three more characters would be joining the cast, theories began. Why?

One of those recently cast is Mahina Napoleon from NCIS: Hawai’i. She will be playing the role of Ginny.

Who is Ginny? One theory is that Ginny is Negan’s daughter.

Who do you think Ginny is on the upcoming The Walking Dead spin-off Isle of the Dead?

If we recall, Negan had met, fell in love, and married Annie off-screen. They were members of the Riverbend group that The Commonwealth tried to kill for misinterpreting their actions as ones Leah caused.

Not to mention Lance Hornsby seems to be obsessed with removing any threats period, even if the people seem harmless. To put it bluntly, it’s a long story, it’s a mess, I loved it, and it created some of the best episodes of season 11.

Regardless, Negan, who has proven multiple times to have changed, is happily married to Annie who is also pregnant. If Ginny is their daughter, then there will have to be another time jump for Ginny looks to be around ten years’ old.

Time jumps aren’t new to The Walking Dead but then that makes us wonder… What happens that long after the season 11 finale for Negan and Maggie to team up for this spinoff in the first place?

Another theory is that Ginny is not his daughter but a kid they find along the way. Considering Negan’s soft spot for kids, it wouldn’t shock us that Ginny winds up under his and Maggie’s care.

Maybe they save her from walkers? Maybe she’s a member of Gaius Charles’s (unnamed possible villain of the season) group?

Maybe she’s a clever con artist who makes Negan and Maggie’s mission difficult just to turn a corner and wind up liking them? We’re curious, what do you think?

We’ll be paying very close attention as filming continues and more information about the spin-off is released.

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What role do you think Ginny will play in Isle of the Dead? Share your thoughts in the comments below, we’d love to read them!