Netflix’s Disenchantment Part 3, Episode 6 recap: Last Splash

Part 3, episode 6 of the Netflix series Disenchantment begins with Princess Bean (Abbi Jacobson) and Elfo (Nat Faxon) escaping from the “freak show” of P.T. (Maurice LaMarche). However, due to their good nature, they go back to help Mora the Mermaid (Meredith Hagner), freeing her from her confines with a large hammer.

After she escapes into some water below, Bean and Elgo end up stuck in a house of mirrors. Obviously, the intrepid duo just can’t get a break!

They are then pursued by some lightbulb robots owned by Alva Gunderson (Richard Ayoade), eluding them momentarily by boarding a boat. That’s when Alva, who is ever-so-crafty, speaks to Bean through a “boat-a-vision” screen.

But she isn’t willing to hear him out. Then, by surprise, Mora unties the mooring line so the boat can escape those pesky lightbulb bots.

Though things seem okay in their getaway, Elfo already misses Edith (Tress MacNeille), the fortune-telling disembodied head.

A weird Disenchantment moment: Elfo and “Missy” the boat(?!)

Elfo has always had a special way of viewing the world, and it’s not always easy pinpointing where his brain will go. “Last Splash” is a perfect example of this.

Granted, Bean is not always so easy to grasp, either. After Mora reveals to Bean that she wanted fame but ended up doing cartoon voiceovers, Bean awkwardly gets into an argument with herself.

Still, Elfo’s next crush reveals that he’s got a few interesting quirks and kinks we hadn’t seen before. Basically, he messes up the engine of their boat, Miss Adventure (or “Missy”) by pushing the boat too hard.

How does that happen? Well, he’s quite literally in love with the boat, presumably as a stand-in or replacement for Edith.

The obvious point is that Elfo’s really a lonely critter, and one is tempted to feel bad for him. However, it’s also apparent that his crushes often end up putting himself (and those around him) in jeopardy.

Mora and Bean bond

Next on Disenchantment, Mora bonds with Bean by playfully throwing Bean’s one remaining boot into the water. Then, in a surprising turn, Elgo actually fixes his precious boat.

Mora mentions that Mermaid Island is her homeland. Soon, they hit that very same island, but the rough landing causes Bean to fall off the ship and hit her head on a rock.

Rather than suffer a deadly concussion, Princess Bean awakens to a surprise. She meets other mermaids on the island and learns that Mora is the eldest daughter.

She also knows how to play the ukulele. As Bean and Mora share a surprise kiss, “Missy the Boat” sinks.

So where does Disenchantment go from here? Well, we can guess it will involve some mermaids now, in addition to other fantastical creatures.

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