Tales of The Walking Dead season 1, episode 5 recap: Davon

Tales of The Walking Dead season 1 episode 5 “Davon” tries a different horror approach to what we normally think of when watching The Walking Dead. Does it work, or does it fall flat?

Tales of The Walking Dead Season 1 Episode 5 recap – Davon

Tales of The Walking Dead

Jessie T. Usher as Davon, Loan Chabanol as Nora – Tales of the Walking Dead _ Season 1, Episode 5 – Photo Credit: Curtis Bonds Baker/AMC

Truthfully, episode 5 is a mess and rightfully so as our main character Davon, is suffering from a concussion and some degrees of amnesia. As he tries to figure out what is happening in the present, he’s remembering the past and the events that lead to his current situation.

Davon wakes up cuffed to a walker that seems to be unable to bite him. He kills the walker and tries to call for help.

A little girl happens to find him but runs off calling to the others trying to find him. The walker is somehow still alive and speaks to Davon.

He thinks he’s going crazy but oddly accepts the fact that this walker is alive, walking and talking to him. It whispers things like “run” and the number 879.

Together they manage to stumble into a village finding a home with the number 879. Inside the empty home, Davon and the walker rummage around as his memories attempt to return to him.

We learn little things like how Davon was shot in the leg and rescued by sisters Nora and Amanda. While he recovers in their home he meets Amanda’s son Arnaud, reveals how he’s going to Montreal, begins to bond with Nora and learns how the village remains behind walls.

These jarring memories include horrific images of walkers, blood and hand drawn images of children. When the walker begins to aggravate him he saws off the walker hand.

When the walker is free from the cuffs, Davon notices it’s dead. He leaves it behind and stumbles into the basement where he thinks he sees a walker boy and then a boy still alive.

He is captured shortly after.

Tales of The Walking Dead Season 1 Episode 5 recap – Nora’s Son

Tales of The Walking Dead

Loan Chabanol as Nora – Tales of the Walking Dead _ Season 1, Episode 5 – Photo Credit: Curtis Bonds Baker/AMC

Captured, Davon winds up surrounded by the village claiming he killed the children who lived there. Davon is still trying to recover his memories, admitting he’d never kill anyone unless he had to.

They don’t believe him and sentence him to death via thrown into an old car that is crushed. As this is happening, he remembers one boy still being alive, Nora’s son.

The group begins turning on each other as to whether to let Davon die or to free him so he can reveal where the boy is. In the process Davon escapes the car following Arnaud.

When Arnaud is found, he and Nora’s son are hiding outside the village. Davon confronts him, hoping to save Nora’s son.

Turns out Arnaud had been murdering the children because he believed he was saving them. He believed that where they lived wasn’t healthy and that murder was actually mercy.

The two continue their argument outside where two more walker kids are revealed inside a dug-out pit. Davon calls out for Nora and the rest of the village arrive.

Nora’s son emerges unharmed, claiming Davon saved him from Arnaud.

Tales of The Walking Dead Season 1 Episode 5 recap – What really happened

Tales of The Walking Dead

Gage Munroe as Arnaud – Tales of the Walking Dead _ Season 1, Episode 5 – Photo Credit: Curtis Bonds Baker/AMC

We find out that while Davon was staying in the house, he caught the children in Amanda’s basement. Amanda tries to catch Nora’s son who manages to briefly escape but, in the process, gets into a scrabble with Davon.

He cuffs her to him and when they fall her face lands in a tub of acid. Amanda dies just in time for Arnaud to find them. He hits Davon over the head, but he doesn’t die.

He somehow wakes up, carrying the dead body to the woods and passes out. Furious for what Arnaud did some villagers proceed to beat him until tossing him into the pit with the walker children.

They proceed to eat him as Davon makes a huge speech, calling out everyone for almost killing him. As the village disperses Davon speaks to Nora one last time and proceeds to leave.

Tales of The Walking Dead Season 1 Episode 5 review

This episode attempts to add more horror that somehow works but doesn’t at the same time. By more horror I mean other elements aside from walkers, for instance Terminus from season 5 of The Walking Dead.

But the mystery as to what happened and why, doesn’t really work. We barely know Nora, Amanda or Arnaud to really even suspect who was responsible or not for the missing children.

The reason for Arnaud killing the children makes even less sense and it’s overdone. A better take would have just to make him out to be a future serial killer.

Even the method to which the village was going to kill Davon made no sense. Do they just have abandoned lying around that they can use?

Not to mention he could have easily escaped with more than enough time as the car was getting crushed. The main issue I have is that the episode, like a few others before it, are too vague.

Where is this village? Why are people living like in the film The Village?

How did they find Davon? Who even is Davon?

We barely even know or understand Davon. At least with episodes prior you learn pretty quickly who Joe and Evie are just by the way they speak, their actions, their environments, the setup and so forth.

We really know nothing about Davon’s character outside of that he doesn’t believe murder isn’t always a necessary action. Perhaps the attempt was to keep it vague so that viewers can come up with their own stories.

Perhaps the showrunners want to return to this village or bring back Davon at another point. Unfortunately for me, I didn’t find this episode all that interesting.

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