Titania gets catty in new She-Hulk: Attorney at Law clip

There is nothing worse than being surrounded by people who have no common sense or judge of character. This might not be a specific She-Hulk problem but a very real Jennifer problem in She-Hulk: Attorney at Law.

The beauty of the Disney Plus and Marvel Studios series is that as much as villains need to be stopped from destroying the world, so do every day, catty people hellbent on ruining your life and reputation.

In a newly released clip from the series, Jennifer spots Titania at her friend’s wedding. Furious, Jennifer accuses the influencer of appearing at a very private event just to spite her.

Titania, ever clever and sneaky, claims she’s dating a member of the bridal party. Even we can tell the man is not her type.

New She-Hulk: Attorney at Law clip reveals the depths of Titania’s bitterness against Jennifer.

Of course when Jennifer brings this to her friend’s attention, she is gaslit. This is painful on so many levels but yet so relatable it makes it all the more painful.

We all know Titania is there to torment Jennifer. We all know at this point Titania is jealous of Jennifer.

This is how women get even. So, will this encounter result in Jen losing her cool, Hulking-out and beating Titania to a pulp?

Would it be bad if we said we hope so? Sadly, this is probably what Titania wants.

She wants Jennifer to fight her in a public setting (a friend’s wedding no less). This will place Titania into the victim category and frame She-Hulk as a threat to others thus destroying her reputation and popularity.

Even if this was the case, we’re sure She-Hulk will still come out on top and find a way to turn the tables on Titania. You can watch the new She-Hulk: Attorney at Law clip here:

What are your thoughts about Titania? Do you think Jennifer will stand up for herself as herself?

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