She-Hulk: Attorney at Law Season 1 Episode 8 recap: Ribbit and Rip It

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law season 1 episode 8 titled, “Ribbit and Rip It” introduces audiences to Matt Murdock AKA: Daredevil as he and Jennifer bond on both emotional and physical levels. Unfortunately, Jennifer’s enemies are never too far away.

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law Season 1 Episode 8 recap – Leap Frog

The episode begins with Jennifer meeting her most recent client. Leap Frog, or so he calls himself, wants to go after Luke Jacobson, the fashion designer.

He believes that his superhero costume is faulty as he burned his legs in a desperate attempt to escape some bad guys he provoked. However, Jennifer relies on Jacobson for her clothing, specifically a dress he is making for the upcoming Gala.

After confronting Jacobson calmly, fails, they meet in court where Matt Murdock AKA: Daredevil arrives as Jacobson’s lawyer. Immediately Jennifer as She-Hulk is attracted to him.

The two act professionally, able to outwit the other until it is revealed that Leap Frog used jet fuel. Jacobson had warned him not to use it for his fire affect and the case is closed.

Leap Frog however is far from pleased and goes as far as kidnapping Jacobson to make him a better superhero suit. Of course, Jennifer is unaware of this minor detail at first.

She comes to Leap Frog’s aid that evening where she formally meets and fights Daredevil. When she gets the upper hand, he reveals himself to be Matt.

After explaining the situation, the two decide to team up. They fight extremely well together and in the end, they save Jacobson.

He agrees that all is forgiven with Jennifer and will finish her dress for the Gala.

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law Season 1 Episode 8 recap – Daredevil and She-Hulk

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law

She-Hulk Episode 8

Before She-Hulk and Daredevil fight, Jennifer meets Matt at a bar that evening after the case. The two drink together and discuss the case while obviously flirting.

After the two meet again as their superhero counterparts, the obvious flirting continues. They complement each other, while having a natural chemistry.

Unlike the men Jennifer had met and tried to date previously, Matt sees and appreciates her as herself first. He is attracted to Jennifer not She-Hulk.

As much as Jennifer enjoys Matt’s company, the sad truth is he has to return to New York the next day. Seizing the opportunity, the two wind up sleeping together that evening.

The next morning Daredevil leaves carrying his boots while Jennifer looks pleasantly satisfied and content. We hope this connection will last.

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law Season 1 Episode 8 recap – The Gala

As the episode nears its end, Jennifer reminds audiences that the next episode is the season finale. She finds it odd that this episode would end at the Gala, but we know better than to assume things will go well.

Jennifer and several other women attend the event, accepting their awards for their work as outstanding lawyers. Jennifer’s acceptance speech is cut short when a video begins to play on the wall of televisions behind her.

The video claims Jennifer is not perfect but a slut. As her friend’s try to stop the video, she gets angry and lets the Hulk side of her take over.

She destroys the televisions terrifying everyone inside. The end of the episode reveals men ready to take her down if needed as her friends and family look on, distressed.

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law Season 1 Episode 8 review

So, the ending is a little confusing for several reasons. Why would anyone care of She-Hulk sleeps around?

Why was that reveal enough to anger her and make her lose control of She-Hulk? The video was either made by someone who was angered she didn’t share the same affections, someone who is trying to kill her, or someone else entirely.

The fact that everyone is suddenly afraid of her also seemed out of place. All she did was attack and destroy the wall of televisions.

She hardly had a Hulk freak out, as we’ve seen The Hulk (Bruce Banner) go through many, many times. I suppose this was something that affects Jennifer more deeply than I assumed.

We all know she struggled so much with finding love and having a solid, honest relationship but even still this seems so odd. As much as Jennifer is a woman who can take care of herself, I’d really love Daredevil to return and her aid.

There is nothing wrong with needing help once in a while, especially from someone she bonded with so quickly. It was quick, basically a day, but every scene the two shared was utter perfection!

We need to see more She-Hulk and Daredevil! We must see more!

I agree we can hardly call it a relationship, but it has the very foundation for one. Even if the two didn’t sleep together, there is no denying that Matt is the man Jennifer has been waiting for.

He is the one who was meant to sweep her off her feet. Just as predicted.

Will he return for the season finale? Will the villain or villains finally make themselves known?

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The next episode of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law will air on October 13 on Disney Plus.