Interview With The Vampire season 1 episode 3 Recap: “Is My Very Nature That Of The Devil”

Jacob Anderson as Louis De Pointe Du Lac - Interview with the Vampire _ Season 1, First Look - Photo Credit: Alfonso Bresciani/AMC
Jacob Anderson as Louis De Pointe Du Lac - Interview with the Vampire _ Season 1, First Look - Photo Credit: Alfonso Bresciani/AMC /

This article contains SPOILERS for Interview With The Vampire season 1 episode 3.

Louis’ relationship with Lestat is tested in many ways.

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In the past, Louis and Lestat discuss being vampires. Louis wonders if vampires are there for a larger purpose and if they should be more selective with their killing, only targeting the worst of humanity.

They find a man who steals from poor people, and Lestat attacks. Louis chooses to eat a cat instead.

Louis tells Lestat that he no longer wants to kill people, and Lestat thinks he will struggle with that. Lestat criticizes the piano player at the Azalea and gets up to play himself.

He improvised a song that would later be called the Wolverine Blues.

Interview With The Vampire season 1 episode 3: The odyssey of recollection

Lestat admits later that there had been nothing wrong with the piano player’s performance but that he had heard the man was going to leave his job for another opportunity. Thus, Lestat got offended.

In the present, Daniel wonders about some differences in Louis’ story from their first interview to their current one. He says that Louis is talking now like Lestat was his soulmate, even though their relationship was an unhealthy dynamic.

Louis says that he doesn’t consider himself a victim and that his response now is the more nuanced version. Daniel counters that his response now could be rehearsed.

Louis responds by reading Daniel’s memoir to him and saying that the tapes are performances. He asks Daniel to allow him his odyssey of recollection.

Louis tells Daniel about how Lestat took over the piano the night after and several nights after. Lestat got to know the singer from the Azalea and ended up sleeping with her.

Louis thought he would kill her, so he left. But when he came back, Lestat had instead eaten a dentist.

Louis asks Lestat if he is enough, and Lestat laughs and says they will have so many nights together. They need to ward off the dullness of their life somehow.

Lestat tells him that he needs some variety every once in a while. Louis asks Lestat if he can also sleep with whoever he wants.

Lestat says, of course he can, as long as Louis still comes home to him.

Interview With The Vampire season 1 episode 3: The moonlight lying

Louis tells Daniel about an ordinance segregating Storyville, including Louis’ establishments. The men that signed the ordinance into law were some of his best clients.

While playing cards with Fenwick and Tom Anderson, Louis discusses the ordinance. He says it feels like a boot on his neck.

Louis tells Fenwick he might still be upset that Louis turned down his offer to work for 15% of the profits from Fenwick’s club. A man in uniform comes looking for Louis.

He turns out to be someone Louis knows named Jonah. Jonah tells Louis that he saw Grace, who is getting her yard ready for a birthday party and heard about Paul.

Louis asks Jonah how long he’s staying in New Orleans. Jonah replies that he’s going to be there for a couple of nights.

Jonah notes that Louis hasn’t aged a day since he last saw him. Louis replies that it’s just the moonlight lying.

Interview With The Vampire season 1 episode 3: An old flame returns

Louis asks Jonah if he’s worried about going to war. Jonah responds that he is sometimes, but he and his squad are all black.

He believes they will most likely be positioned in the back, running supply lines. Louis says that is better than getting shot at for a country that makes you use the side entrance.

Jonah says most of the reason he signed up was he heard about European sensibilities. Europeans, according to Jonah, care less about what you look like or who you’re looking at.

Louis tells Jonah about his relationship with Lestat. He admits that it isn’t perfect, and that they have an agreement.

The two kiss and end up sleeping together. Louis has to bite himself to keep from eating Jonah, but he successfully manages to resist the urge.

Lestat asks Louis how his night was. Louis replies that it was fine and mentions how Jonah found him because of Grace.

Lestat guesses that Jonah was an old love of Louis’. Louis says they had some youthful encounters when Jonah was 16 and Louis was older.

They both knew they were different.

Interview With The Vampire season 1 episode 3: The Devil walks at night

Lestat asks if they should go out the next night, but Louis has plans to see Grace and her children. They make plans for the night after.

Louis sees that Lestat has mud on his boots, and he tells Daniel that it could have come from anywhere. Daniel asks if it was raining that night.

Louis says he doesn’t remember. It could have been dry in one area and raining in another since it was New Orleans.

In the past, Louis goes to visit his sister, even though he wasn’t invited to the twins’ birthday party. His mother scolds him for not showing up for six months and then coming to visit, adding that he isn’t welcome.

Louis counters that he owns the home as the executor in charge of the estate and that whether he’s welcome doesn’t matter. His mother says that the Devil walks at night, and Louis wonders what she meant by that.

Grace’s husband Levi comes out and talks to Louis, telling Louis’ mother that he’ll handle the situation. Louis’ mother tells Levi to go back in and calls him her son.

Louis says he’s her son and isn’t there to see Levi but Grace and the children.

Interview With The Vampire season 1 episode 3: Jealous Lestat

Levi feels Louis is angry. Louis tries to get past Levi as his mother says the children are scared of him.

Louis eventually kicks the door open, and it comes off completely, leaving Grace and her twin daughters terrified. He tries to talk to Grace, but she yells for him to get out.

Louis places the girls’ presents on the stoop and leaves. He returns home to find Lestat entertaining a bunch of men from the army.

Upset he asks Lestat to get them out of there. Lestat says that since Louis has a type, he thought he’d be pleased.

Louis repeats his words, and Lestat uses his mind control abilities to get the men out of there. Lestat says that he is a lot and isn’t perfect.

Louis responds that he knew Lestat was there when he was with Jonah. Lestat confirms that he was.

Louis asks if he is jealous, and Lestat confirms that he is. He then asks about the singer Lestat was with, Antoinette, and he says she is different because he doesn’t have feelings for her.

Louis responds that he slept with Jonah and then drove him home. Lestat admits that he watched the whole encounter and saw Louis drain a dog and some rats.

Interview With The Vampire season 1 episode 3: Is my very nature that of the Devil?

Lestat yells that this isn’t a life to which Louis responds that Lestat took his life. Louis talks to Fenwick and Tom about the Azalea’s lights being shut off.

The reason is segregation. Fenwick says he tried to convince the City Council, but Louis hears his thoughts.

Louis asks Tom if he sold him the club because he knew what would come. Tom doesn’t answer, but Fenwick says he was sold the Fair Play Saloon at a price he set.

Louis says that Tom didn’t answer his question. Fenwick says they’re all in this together and offers to buy the club from him.

In the present, Louis tells Daniel that because his mother saw him as the Devil, he began questioning everything. He wondered if his very nature was that of the Devil.

In the past, Louis and Lestat discuss the situation with the club.

Interview With The Vampire season 1 episode 3: No white people allowed

Lestat says that Louis doesn’t need the money. Louis responds that it isn’t about that but that he doesn’t want to let a snake like Fenwick bite him and his people.

Lestat mentions other businesses Louis owns. But Louis notes that they are not as profitable as the Azalea.

He puts a sign on the Azalea that says no white people are allowed. Louis describes his mental state at the time to Daniel.

He says he was manic and that he ignored his thirst for blood. Eventually, he could no longer ignore it.

He goes after Alderman Fenwick and attacks him, putting his body on display afterward. Lestat congratulates Louis on how well he executed the Alderman’s death.

Louis says he didn’t do it for himself but for his people. Lestat thinks Louis enjoyed killing Fenwick and is glad, saying he is finally Lestat’s companion in the dark gift.

Lestat wants to make that day their anniversary.

Interview With The Vampire season 1 episode 3:  Redemption?

Louis responds that he and Lestat won’t work, and Lestat will always be alone. He then runs to Storyville, which is burning down.

Louis tells Daniel about how he heard a young woman screaming in a rooming house. Louis says that he couldn’t save the Azalea or Storyville but that he could save her.

He calls her his light, his Claudia, his redemption.

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Will Fenwick’s death have consequences for Louis? Will Louis truly feel redeemed after saving Claudia?

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