House of the Dragon season 1 episode 8 recap: The Lord of the Tides

House of the Dragon episode 8
House of the Dragon episode 8 /

This article contains SPOILERS for House of the Dragon season 1 episode 8.

Jumping ahead six years, the succession of the Lord of Driftmark is being thrown into scrutiny in this week’s episode of House of the Dragon season 1.

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The episode begins on Driftmark where a little over a half-decade has passed. The Triarchy is still fighting for the Stepstones, which means Lord Corlys Velaryon has been there with Princess Rhaenys sitting on the Driftwood Throne in his stead.

Some news comes from the war which states Corlys has received a possibly fatal wound. With this, Rhaenys tells the Maester to prepare for her husband’s arrival.

Vaemond starts talking about what if his brother does not make it which means the Lord of Driftmark will change. Rhaenys tries to tip-toe around the issue of Lucerys not being of Velaryon blood.

Meanwhile, Vaemond stomps on it because he knows Queen Alicent and Otto Hightower, the ones calling the shots in King’s Landing, are on his side.

House of the Dragon season 1 episode 8: Rhaenyra returns home

On Dragonstone, Daemon is seen going into the dragon’s caves and retrieving three eggs from Rhaenyra’s dragon Syrax. When he brings them to the dragon tamers, they give the Prince a message from his daughter Baela, who is a ward for Rhaenys on Driftmark.

House of the Dragon episode 8
House of the Dragon episode 8 /

Daemon takes this message to his wife. Rhaenyra discovers Vaemond’s plan to call out Luke’s legitimacy, and therefore Jace’s, thus removing her from being the heir.

The two decide they must go to King’s Landing to defend themselves and their sons. When they arrive, there is no big welcoming party.

The Red Keep is decked out in sigils of the Seven, with the traditional Targaryen art on the walls removed. They make their way to Viserys’ chambers where they find old and sick King Viserys wheezing in his bed.

Rhaenyra tries to comfort her sick father, but Daemon moves to business right away and asks his brother to affirm Lucerys as heir to Driftmark. This political talk ceases when Rhaenyra’s youngest children arrive, baby Aegon III and baby Viserys.

This cooing and sweetness end abruptly when Viserys begins to suffer from pain. He requests he be given his “tea.”

This eases the pain of the king, but Daemon sniffs the cup to discover it is the milk of the poppy meant to keep Viserys out of pain which also makes his mind foggy.

House of the Dragon season 1 episode 8: Alicent must do damage control

Alicent is holding a small council meeting in Viserys’ place when she gets word that Rhaenyra and Daemon have arrived. When she goes to greet them, she receives word from a Kingsguard knight of a delicate situation regarding her son, Prince Aegon.

The queen investigates where she finds a serving girl, Dyana, crying after Prince Aegon sexually assaulted her. Alicent comforts the young Dyana and states it was not her fault, and that she believes her.

Queen Alicent then switches off her emotions and guilts Dyana to stay silent before handing her money and an abortifacient tea for her troubles. Appalled at her eldest son’s actions, she goes to his bed chambers to slap some sense into him, metaphorically and physically.

Aegon weakly explains he is trying his best to live up to the position he was thrust into by his parents. Helaena arrives and wonders where Dyana is.

Alicent just gives her daughter a big hug. With her son’s issues handled, for now, Alicent is finally able to greet her guests.

All three play a beautiful coy game of alluding to things without actually saying them, regarding how Alicent rules Westeros by keeping Viserys indisposed. Daemon calls out the Queen for filling the Red Keep with statues and stars.

Alicent uses this fact against him by saying The Father of the Seven is forgiving. She will “allegedly” not allow the accusations made by Rhaenyra and Daemon to impact her judgment, when deciding the Lord of Driftmark tomorrow.

House of the Dragon season 1 episode 8: Jace and Luke confront their future

Jace and Luke make their way to the training grounds. Jace reminisces about their time all those years ago, but Luke is uncomfortable since he knows people are starring because of their parental issues.

They notice Ser Criston training with someone only to discover it is Aemond, who has become quite skilled with a sword. After Aemond notices them, Vaemond and his party from Driftmark arrive.

Vaemond is the one who technically has the best blood claim to the Driftwood Throne. He immediately goes to Alicent and Otto Hightower to make his claim.

It looks as though Otto is fully on board, but Alicent is hesitant since she is focusing on keeping the peace regardless of who deserves the title more. Out by the godswood, Princess Rhaenys is greeted by her other granddaughter Rhaena and Princess Rhaneyra.

The two princesses get some alone time when Rhaenyra asks her cousin to back Luke’s claim.

House of the Dragon episode 8
House of the Dragon episode 8 /

In return, Rhaenyra proposes that Laena’s daughters be married to her sons so the Velaryons will have royal blood and still hold Driftmark. Rhaenys acknowledges this generous proposal but states how she knows the Hightowers will come out on top tomorrow.

That night, Rhaenyra goes to her father’s chambers and asks if he believes in Aegon the Conquerer’s “Song of Ice and Fire.” She is confused since her being named heir divided the country.

If Viserys really believes it, he must defend his daughter and grandsons.

House of the Dragon season 1 episode 8: Petitions for Lord of Driftmark

In the morning, King Viserys is being tended to by the maesters when he states he wants to have dinner with his entire family. He refuses milk of the poppy even though his body is covered in infected scabs, scars and he’s missing half of his left arm.

At the ceremony where folks make their petitions for Lord of Driftmark, Ser Otto presides and allows Vaemond Velaryon to go first. He talks of true Velaryon blood, something Rhaenyra takes offense to and is quieted down since it is not her turn to speak.

Vaemond finishes his proposal. When it is Rhaenrya’s turn to speak, she is immediately interrupted but does not mind as her father slowly but surely makes his way to the Iron Throne.

After some help from Daemon, Viserys sits upon his throne and announces this petition business is confusing since Lucerys’ position should never be in question. Viserys calls upon his cousin, Rhaenys to speak on Lord Corlys’ desire, something the king’s cousin proudly does.

Rhaenys reaffirms Coryls’ desire for Lucerys to be his heir. She publicly announces her granddaughters will wed Rhaenyra’s sons.

Viserys decrees nothing will change. Understandably upset, Vaemond begins lashing out against the king, against Rhaenyra and her sons.

He gets worked up to the point he calls Jace and Luke bastards along with calling Rhaenyra a whore. King Viserys threatens to cut off Vaemond’s tongue for his words, but Daemon cuts the top of Vaemond’s head clean off for disrespecting his wife and her sons.

The ceremony comes to a close and they all depart before their family dinner.

House of the Dragon season 1 episode 8: Viserys answers Rhaenyra’s question

Once Viserys is brought in, he gives a toast to use his short time in this life to try and bring peace to his family and the Red Keep. Rhaenyra then gives a toast to Alicent for being a dutiful wife, something Alicent repays with a toast of her own.

Prince Aegon teases Jace about being a virgin and not knowing what to do to please his new betrothed. In response, Jace stands up in a huff.

He cools down and gives a hollow toast of his own to Aegon and Aemond. Festivities and music go ahead as Viserys looks on with joy before his ailments get to him.

Once he leaves, a pig is brought to the table which upsets Aemond so he decides to give a toast of his own. Aemond toasts his nephews Jace, Luke, and Joffrey for being three strong boys.

House of the Dragon episode 8
House of the Dragon episode 8 /

Aware of the not-so-sly remark of their uncle, Jace and Luke fight for their honor but are separated before any major body parts get harmed. When the sons depart, Alicent looks to mend this wound with Rhaenyra, and the princess states once she drops her kids off at Dragonstone, she will return on dragonback to continue her visit.

A mysterious figure is seen walking through the streets of King’s Landing to Mysaria’s brothel. It is revealed to be one of Queen Alicent’s servants spying for Daemon’s former paramour.

The episode ends with Alicent putting her husband to bed. Viserys begins talking about Aegon’s promise and The Song of Ice and Fire.

The king believes he is talking with Rhaenyra, but Alicent does not know this and believes he is talking about their son, Aegon II. After she leaves, King Viserys takes his last breath and dies peacefully in his bed.

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