Vampire Academy season 1 episode 9 Recap: Darkness

VAMPIRE ACADEMY -- “Darkness” Episode 109 -- Pictured: (l-r) -- (Photo by: Jose Haro/Peacock)
VAMPIRE ACADEMY -- “Darkness” Episode 109 -- Pictured: (l-r) -- (Photo by: Jose Haro/Peacock) /

This article contains SPOILERS for Vampire Academy season 1 episode 9.

The Dominion has to deal with the chaotic aftermath of the Royal Trials, while Christian faces a terrible truth.

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The episode begins with Victor and Robert fighting while Tatiana gives a speech about Victor. Mia comes in to find the two fighting and tells them how upset she is about Sonya being locked up in a dungeon until she is killed.

Robert tells Mia that Sonya is gone. Victor argues that taking the throne is the best way to honor Sonya’s sacrifice.

He tells Robert how he has always worked to make the Dominion a better place for their children. Victor feels guilty for letting Sonya heal him, but he didn’t know it would come at such a terrible price.

Vampire Academy season 1 episode 9: Two different forms of chaos

As Tatiana concludes her speech, a fight begins. There are chants of “our queen,” referring to Tatiana, from the crowd.

Meanwhile, the current Queen is watching and feels that they are doomed. Her Herald agrees with her.

Rose and Mason discuss what they want to do once they’re outside the Dominion. She is worried about Lissa, but quickly recovers.

Rose says that her friend has Dimitri protecting her and that her mother knows about Christian’s parents causing the accident. She asks Mason if he’s scared.

He replies that he’s terrified but that being terrified and free is better than putting their lives at risk for a bunch of Royals who don’t care about them. Rose agrees.

Mason suggests that she say goodbye to Lissa. Rose says that she will.

Vampire Academy season 1 episode 9: Lissa deserves better

Lissa is reading a book and taking notes from it when Mia bursts in and tells her that she has to stop healing people. Lissa tells Mia that she doesn’t know what she thinks she saw, but no one can do that.

Mia tells Lissa she can and so could Sonya. Lissa warns Mia that it would be bad if anyone found out.

Mia reassures she hasn’t told anyone. She warns Lissa that the more Sonya healed people, the worse she got.

She admits that Sonya deserved better, and so does Lissa. Lissa responds by saying that her Spirit abilities might be her only way to fight.

Mia tells Lissa that it’s not worth it. Lissa tells Mia that she knows she’s upset, but Mia interrupts her, saying, of course, she’s upset.

She is upset and furious about Victor lying about Sonya.  However, she doesn’t like to see her father in distress because she can’t handle it.

Vampire Academy season 1 episode 9: Treason?

Mia starts crying. Dimitri is training when Alberta and a man named Commander Croft come up to him.

Dimitri says it’s an honor to meet the Commander, however Croft says that Dimitri is under arrest for treason. Meanwhile, Tatiana tells the Queen that she must take action if she wants to wake up to a Dominion.

The Queen wonders what Tatiana and the others want her to do. A Council member suggests that she officially disavows Victor.

Tatiana says that the Queen can step down, knowing that her legacy is safe in Tatiana’s hands. Her aunt, the High Priestess Irene, speaks up, saying that although she doesn’t like it, the Elements chose Victor to be king.

Therefore, he is the king in the eyes of the Moroi church. Croft questions Dimitri about Sasha Tanner, Mikhail’s sister, dying in a Strigoi attack.

Dimitri says that he stands by what he previously stated. Croft tells other guardians to take Dimitri away and bring Sasha in.

Dimitri is shocked, and Croft tells the guardians to put him under house arrest.

Vampire Academy season 1 episode 9: The Awakening

Christian confronts the feeder he regularly visits about working with his parents. She doesn’t tell him why they wanted the Dragomirs not to get the throne but does say that Christian’s parents love and miss him.

She tells Christian that the Moroi say that becoming Strigoi is worse than dying. But if you ask the Strigoi, they call it the Awakening.

Christian wonders what she means. She says that it’s like you’ve been sleepwalking your whole life.

Everything gets more intense as a Strigoi. Christian guesses that the feeder wants his parents to turn her into a Strigoi.

She tells him that he has options. She’s seen the way he’s treated there, and he deserves better.

Christian tells her to give his parents the message that he’s ready to talk. Rose goes to talk to Dimitri.

She’s feeling bad since she’s the one who told Sasha to escape.

Vampire Academy season 1 episode 9: Not entirely without value

Dimitri asks what Rose told the other guardians, and she says she told them nothing. Dimitri tells her to keep it that way.

Rose wonders what’s going to happen to Sasha. She also seems worried about Dimitri, mentioning the tracker he’s wearing.

Dimitri himself seems convinced he’ll be fine once it all blows over. Rose says that HQ doesn’t let things blow over.

Vampire Academy season 1 episode 3: Dimitri Belikov and Rose Hathaway
VAMPIRE ACADEMY — “Death Watch” Episode 103 — Pictured: (l-r) — (Photo by: Jose Haro/Peacock) /

He tells her that the Dominion needs all the Guardians it has right now, so he’s not entirely without value. Rose tells him to work on his bragging.

Dimitri counters that it’s hard to brag to the woman who gave him a black eye. Rose apologizes, and he tells her to forget it, calling her Roza again.

Rose says that she’ll see Dimitri around, and he agrees. She leaves, giving him a teasing Guardian salute.

Vampire Academy season 1 episode 9: The fifth element

Dimitri salutes back, but only once Rose is gone. Victor watches Tatiana’s speech about him on TV.

Lissa shows up, and the two discuss his illness. He wanted to unite the Dominion and bring peace, but now he can’t even find peace for himself after what happened to Sonya.

Lissa replies that Sonya’s fate wasn’t Victor’s fault. He wonders how she could know.

She tells Victor that Sonya was a Spirit user, tapping into the Fifth Element. Victor asks what Lissa said.

Lissa explains that Spirit use is why Sonya never specialized but that she could do things like healing, maybe even dream walking and seeing auras. However, with the good comes the bad: the Darkness of Spirit.

Lissa tells Victor that it must have gotten to be too much, which is why she turned Strigoi. She adds that it might not have been Sonya’s choice necessarily.

Sonya probably just wanted the pain to stop.

Vampire Academy season 1 episode 9: Lissa’s confession to Victor

Victor wonders how Lissa knows all of this. She confesses that she is a Spirit user, just like Sonya.

Victor wonders if that means she can heal too. Lissa asks if Sonya was healing Victor.

Meredith runs into Mia and apologizes for how she acted before. She says that when she saw Mia with all of the Royals, she got scared and weird.

Meredith didn’t want to lose Mia. She confesses her feelings for Mia and tells her that if she wants to talk, she will be in the Cistern later.

Mia nods and leaves. Lissa and Victor are still discussing Sonya.

Lissa accuses Victor of allowing Sonya to heal him, even though he knew about the Darkness that Spirit could cause. Victor responds that he asked Sonya to stop, but she wouldn’t.

Vampire Academy season 1 episode 9: Lissa’s argument with Victor and Meredith’s plea to Mason

Lissa tells Victor that Sonya couldn’t heal a dying man and that he should’ve refused her. Victor says that Sonya insisted and that after Mikhail, she was afraid to lose anyone else.

He explains that Sonya got worse after the treatments and therapies when she didn’t specialize. She was never the same afterward.

Victor tells Lissa that as king, he can make sure Spirit users like her and Sonya don’t have to hide. He warns her that she wouldn’t want to be a Spirit user under Tatiana’s reign.

Vampire Academy: Victor Dashkov
VAMPIRE ACADEMY — “Near Guard, Far Guard” Episode 105 — Pictured: J. August Richards as Victor Dashkov — (Photo by: Peacock) /

He wants Lissa to heal him, and she’s shocked that he would ask her after what happened to Sonya. She says that even if she wanted to heal Victor, she’s on medicine that suppresses her Spirit magic, so it would take hours to leave her system.

Victor says that he’ll see Lissa in a few hours and locks her in a room. Meredith then runs into Mason, telling him to get changed because they have a class.

They argue about Mason going with Rose with Meredith saying that he deserves someone who loves him, Rose clearly loves Dimitri. Eventually, Mason walks away, leaving an upset Meredith behind.

Vampire Academy season 1 episode 9: Plans changed

Meanwhile, Croft interrogates Dimitri, asking if he is lying by covering for another Guardian, or both. Dimitri says that he was the commanding officer and that any gap between the information he gave and the truth rests solely on him.

As should the punishment for giving false information. Croft says that Dimitri didn’t answer his question.

Dimitri replies that he has nothing more to say. He adds that he’s wondering why they’re punishing a Guardian during a time of civil unrest.

Croft responds that they can’t expect order if they allow a Guardian to disobey orders. He declares Dimitri guilty of treason.

He will be taken to the dungeons until he is sentenced by the Queen. Christian opens a box that contains a note saying, “sorry, kiddo, plans changed.”

He wonders what plans have changed. Christian bursts into where Alberta and the other Guardians are and asks to speak to Alberta.

He shows her the note and, along with it, a picture of Mia.

Vampire Academy season 1 episode 9: Strigoi don’t bargain…or do they?

Christian warns Alberta that his parents want Sonya Karp. Alberta says that Strigoi don’t bargain, and Christian wonders if they have them all wrong.

He wonders if the Strigoi have evolved or if perhaps what the Moroi and Dhampirs know about them is wrong. Alberta says that even if Strigoi could bargain, she wouldn’t trust them.

She tells Christian that it’s not going to happen. Christian tells her about his meeting with his mother and how she acted just like her old self.

He believes that the Strigoi, including his parents, don’t want Sonya to die. Alberta is worried about walking into an ambush, and Christian reminds her that Mia is out there.

The Moroi come first for the Guardians. Meanwhile, Meredith is waiting for Mia, who obviously doesn’t show up.

Lissa bangs on the door for Victor’s guardian James to let her out, but he doesn’t. She heals a plant in the room she’s locked in and starts hallucinating her brother Andre again.

She is worried about wanting to turn Strigoi like Sonya did.

Vampire Academy season 1 episode 9: Take it all

Andre’s hallucination argues that Lissa can sway people and heal them, so Spirit isn’t all bad. Lissa counters that when she does use Spirit, she hurts Rose.

She is also upset at being trapped with her hallucination of her brother while she waits for Victor to come back. Her hallucination of Andre counters that she has a special magic and that she should allow it to make her strong, not weak.

Victor comes back and asks if Lissa’s thought things over. She replies that there’s nothing to discuss and wants Victor to let her go.

He refuses. Meanwhile, Rose is seeing through Lissa’s eyes and goes to help her friend.

Victor’s guardian James catches her, though, and prevents her from going to Lissa, hurting her in the process. Victor tells Lissa that she could stop Rose’s suffering if she heals him.

Lissa tells Victor that if he wants her power, he can have it all. They both faint and Rose runs over to Lissa.

Vampire Academy season 1 episode 9: Rose’s light

Mason goes to tell Dimitri that he and Rose are leaving. Mason knows that where Dimitri is going won’t be easy, but he feels it would be helpful for him to know that Rose will be safe.

Dimitri says that it does. He says that Rose is meant for greater things, and she deserves to be safe and happy.

Mason agrees. Dimitri tells Mason not to tell Rose what’s about to happen to him, because if she knows she won’t leave.

Mason is upset at Dimitri. Lissa wakes up to find Rose watching over her.

Rose observes that her friends looks pretty cocky for someone who gave Victor exactly what he wanted. Lissa replies that she just gave Victor time and that once his guilt kicks in he won’t consider it a favor.

Rose wonders if Lissa will be alright. Lissa tells her that she can see the Darkness.

She wasn’t passing it to Rose but taking her light through their bond.

Vampire Academy season 1 episode 9: Spirit needs light

Rose doesn’t know which is worse but wonders how it works. Lissa replies that Spirit doesn’t fill her with Darkness, it depletes her light.

She says that Spirit needs light. She wonders if she can take time to fully recover and rebuild her light because she doesn’t want to take Rose’s anymore.

Rose replies that Lissa doesn’t have to worry, because she is leaving. Lissa says that if she can learn how to control her Spirit powers then Rose doesn’t have to go.

Rose clarifies that that isn’t why she’s leaving. She tells her friend that she needs to figure out who she is outside of being a Guardian and outside of Lissa herself.

She adds that Lissa can take care of herself now. Lissa says that Rose can’t corner the whole hero market.

The two friends share a moment where Lissa asks Rose if she’s leaving alone. Rose says that she’s going with Mason and that he’s a good guy.

Vampire Academy season 1 episode 9: Lissa’s plans

Lissa agrees with Rose about Mason being a good guy. She adds that it’s Rose’s life and she has to do what makes her happy.

However, she warns Rose not to get too comfortable because Lissa has plans for the Dominion. She is going to make it a place that Rose would want to come back to.

The two friends laugh and hug. Lissa says that it isn’t goodbye, and Rose agrees.

Vampire Academy
VAMPIRE ACADEMY — “TBD” Episode 102 — Pictured: (l-r) — (Photo by: Jose Haro/Peacock) /

Alberta talks to another guardian about Sonya. They weren’t able to reach either Victor or Robert.

Christian comes up behind Alberta as his parents arrive. Alberta asks about Mia.

Christian’s feeder comes up behind his parents, with Mia. Christian’s mother says that Mia is fine, for now.

Vampire Academy season 1 episode 9: Heir to the throne

Alberta tells Christian’s mother that they have what the Strigoi asked for. If Christian’s parents give the Guardians Mia, they’ll get Sonya.

Christian’s father insists that the Guardians hand over Sonya first or Mia will die. Alberta warns Christian’s parents that they are outnumbered and outgunned.

Alberta says Christian’s parents have to hand over Mia first, then they will get Sonya. Or the Guardians will leave.

Christian’s mother kills the feeder, and Christian’s father says that Mia is next. Alberta tells the other Guardians to stand down.

Alberta tells Christian’s parents that if they kill Mia, there is nothing stopping the Guardians from killing all of the Strigoi. She suggests that they exchange hostages simultaneously when the Guardians drop the wards.

Lissa tells the Queen that she has a proposal for her, if the Queen is willing to hear it. The Queen is seen announcing Lissa as the heir to the throne and that the Queen will remain the ruler until Lissa is ready.

Vampire Academy season 1 episode 9: Easy prey

Rose and Mason meet. Mason is late, and she wonders what he was doing.

Mason says he had some last-minute things to do and that he’s excited. He asks if Rose is ready, and she says she was born ready.

Meanwhile, the wards drop and the Guardians give Sonya to Christian’s parents, while they get Mia. Christian’s parents turn to leave and Christian wonders why they’re leaving after everything.

He tells them how everyone always said they were monsters and that he always defended them. He wonders if Sonya is their family now.

Christian’s mother says that they didn’t come there for Sonya, they came to feed. Alberta is seen getting knocked out and bleeding.

The wards come down again, and the Strigoi head into St. Vladimir’s. Christian’s father says that he was the perfect decoy, and that Moroi are stupid which makes them easy prey.

Vampire Academy season 1 episode 9: The meaning of hurt

Christian uses his fire magic against his father, saying that he’s not going to hurt anyone ever again. Christian’s mother says that he doesn’t know the meaning of hurt and that Lissa is hers.

Christian tries to get his mother too, but she runs away. The Council members are seen fleeing from Strigoi.

Dimitri hears sirens going off. Tatiana is revealed to be the one who knocked out Alberta and opened the wards.

She tells Andre, who is possibly still alive but tied up by Tatiana, that they’re going to do things her way, despite the Queen and Lissa. Rose and Mason are seen leaving.

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What will happen now that the Strigoi have breached the wards at St. Vladimir’s? Did Andre really survive the accident?

Will Rose come back to the Dominion? Let us know your answers and opinions in the comments below!

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