House of the Dragon season 1 episode 10 recap: The Black Queen

House of the Dragon Episode 10
House of the Dragon Episode 10 /

This article contains SPOILERS for House of the Dragon season 1 episode 10.

As Rhaenyra learns of her father’s death and Aegon’s crowning, she must work to reclaim her position as Queen in the House of the Dragon season 1 finale.

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The tenth and final episode begins with Rhaenyra telling young Lucerys he will be ready for his duty when he is called on. This talk is interrupted when Princess Rhaenys arrives at Dragonstone on the back of Meleys.

She bluntly informs Rhaenyra and Daemon about the passing of King Viserys and that Aegon has been crowned. Daemon hears this and is ready to fight the people who stole his brother’s and wife’s throne, while Rhaenyra enters premature labor.

House of the Dragon season 1 episode 10: Daemon and Rhaenyra prepare for battle

While Rhaenyra is in her chamber pacing while having painful contractions, Daemon prepares for battle with the lords. After being called by Rhaenys, Jace and Luke go to their mother and are told by her to not allow any attacks to be made by them.

She’s alluding to Daemon already scheming.

House of the Dragon Episode 10
House of the Dragon Episode 10 /

Jace goes to confront the lords and Daemon, succeeding in having preventing Daemon from leaving the castle. Daemon then takes the young Prince to witness the two Kingsguards swear their fealty to Rhaenyra as their Queen.

With some slight dragon intimidation, they swear it. In her chambers, Rhaenyra is refusing help while in labor and ends up giving birth while only slightly leaning on the bed.

Tragically, however, the baby is quiet because the umbilical cord is wrapped around the neck and is stillborn. While Daemon mourns privately, Rhaenyra does all the ceremonial arrangements on her own and lays her child to rest with her own hands.

At the concluding pyre section of the ceremony, Ser Erryk Cargyll arrives, immediately bends the knee and swears fealty to Queen Rhaenyra. To solidify this oath, Ser Erryk brings the late King Viserys’ crown for her.

Daemon takes the crown and places it on his wife’s head, kneels, and states, “My Queen.” This is succeeded by every person at the funeral, except Princess Rhaenys, bending the knee for their new coronated Queen.

House of the Dragon season 1 episode 10: The Greens visit Dragonstone

Following her proper coronation, Daemon announces his new monarch to the lords as they finally begin planning. They do a headcount of their soldiers and try to determine which houses will remain loyal.

The main house they are worried about is the Baratheons on Storm’s End. Receiving word of a ship sailing with a green Targaryen sigil, Daemon collects his men and goes to greet their treacherous visitors on the bridge.

They greet Ser Otto and his men before Queen Rhaenyra greets them, intimidatingly, on Syrax. Otto gives the terms that Alicent demanded her childhood friend receive.

Rhaenyra and Daemon are insulted and angry at these terms. This childhood friendship is tested when Otto shows Rhaenyra the page of the book, they used to read under the Godswood.

With this page, Rhaenyra explains that she will give her answer tomorrow.

House of the Dragon Episode 10
House of the Dragon Episode 10 /

When deciding what to do next, Rhaenyra and Daemon butt heads. Rhaenyra wants to keep the peace, but Daemon sees the Hightower’s actions as a declaration of war.

When they get privacy, Rhaenyra brings up Aegon’s Dream. Daemon warns his wife not to get lost in omens and prophecies like Viserys did.

This is when Rhaenyra realizes Daemon was not told of this because Viserys did not entrust him with the Song of Ice and Fire.

House of the Dragon season 1 episode 10: The Sea Snake finally stirs

While on the up and up after his near-fatal illness, Lord Corlys finally awakes to find his wife watching over him. She catches him up about Vaemond and how they are unable to leave since their grandchildren are at risk with Aegon seated on the throne.

Corlys Velaryon finally gets out of bed to greet the rest of the lords and Queen Rhaenyra while he tests her ability as ruler and leader. When he is satisfied, he explains to his new queen that the Velaryon fleet is at her command.

With this secured ally, Rhaenyra explains she is not going to act until she knows who her allies and her enemies are. Corlys explains he was able to defeat the Triarchy and secure the Stepstones therefore they can cut off King’s Landing from trade routes to the Free Cities.

Instead of ravens, Jace has the idea that he and Luke should be the messengers to their unsure allies. Corlys agrees so Rhaenyra sends Jace to House Stark and Luke to Storm’s End.

Rhaenyra explains to the timid Luke that Boros Baratheon is a proud man so he will love hosting a dragon and prince. As this plan is made, Daemon is away from it all and on a mission of his own.

The King consort is seen and heard singing an old High Veleryian song as he tries to awaken Vermithor, who has the great size of any dragon still alive.

House of the Dragon season 1 episode 10: Lucerys is sent to Storm’s End

When Luke arrives at Storm’s End, however, he sees Vhegar is there which means Aemond has already arrived. Luke enters and finds his message to be insufficient since Aemond arrived earlier with the deal that he would marry one of Boros’ daughters.

House of the Dragon Episode 10
House of the Dragon Episode 10 /

Luke tries to take this negative response from House Baratheon, but Aemond finally speaks up. He antagonizes his nephew and demands one of his eyes.

Lord Boros intervenes before Aemond can get any bloodshed. Luke tries flying away but is caught by Aemond and Vhegar.

A dragon-style dogfight kicks off in the stormy climate around the home of House Baratheon with Luke using Arrax’s small stature to fly within the mountainous terrain. Arrax disobeys Luke and attacks Vhegar which leads Vhegar to disobey Aemond.

After Luke breaks through the clouds and looks to be in the clear, Vhegar swoops in and swallows young Lucerys Targaryen and Arrax, killing them both. The episode and season end on Dragonstone with Daemon being the one to inform his wife that Lucerys has died.

This flips a switch in Rhaenyra’s mind and is the final piece needed for her to become the Black Queen.

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