Is the last we’ll see of Annie and Hershel on The Walking Dead?

On Sunday, November 20, the final episode of The Walking Dead will air on AMC. Up until this point, there has been a lot of speculation as to who will survive, how the series will conclude, and how the series finale will lead into the three upcoming spinoffs.

One spinoff in particular that has garnered a lot of attention is The Walking Dead: Dead City. The spinoff was announced rather early, spoiling the fact that both Negan and Maggie survive the series.

However, what hasn’t been revealed is why Negan’s pregnant wife Annie and Maggie’s son Hershel are absent from Dead City. At the beginning of season 11 episode 23 “Family”, both Negan and Maggie say their brief goodbyes to their loved ones before heading out with the rest of the group.

The plan is to take the train from Outpost 22, formerly Alexandria, back to The Commonwealth to kill Governor Pamela Milton. With her out of the way, they can all finally go back home and live on in peace.

Will we Annie and Hershel in the final episode of The Walking Dead?

However, the goodbyes felt more definitive than others we’ve seen in the past. This felt more like, this would be the last time we see Annie and Hershel before Dead City.

Is it possible that they are kidnapped again? Could Alexandria be under attack and the group is forced to flee?

Could it be that both characters don’t survive? It appeared as though all of the group’s key fighters have left the families defenseless in Alexandria, which isn’t wise.

Just because they believe the plan to kill Pamela will work, doesn’t mean something else can’t happen. Walkers and even a new threat can arrive without a moment’s notice.

One theory is a certain group may be behind it all. Season 11 has been awfully quiet on the CRM front.

Could they be the reason Negan and Maggie wind up in New York? Keep in mind The Commonwealth is essentially located in Ohio with Alexandria located in Virginia.

New York isn’t a quick walk or short drive away. It has been revealed that a base of the CRM is located in New York.

Coincidence? We’d love to hear your thoughts and theories!

Do you think Annie and Hershel will appear in The Walking Dead: Dead City? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments below, we’d love to read them!