Why Ezekiel deserved to be the Governor on The Walking Dead

Michael James Shaw as Mercer, Khary Payton as Ezekiel - The Walking Dead _ Season 11, Episode 24 - Photo Credit: Jace Downs/AMC
Michael James Shaw as Mercer, Khary Payton as Ezekiel - The Walking Dead _ Season 11, Episode 24 - Photo Credit: Jace Downs/AMC /

The Walking Dead was able to create countless memorable characters who, for better or worse, made their mark on the 11-season AMC series. One of the most notable, inspirational, and downright likable characters was, Ezekiel.

For those who didn’t meet this character until the end of the series, Ezekiel, once known as King Ezekiel led a community called The Kingdom. Played by Khary Payton, known for his voiceover work for several television shows and video games, King Ezekiel led with the ideals of always placing others before himself.

With his pet tiger Shiva by his side, his smile could warm any room, and his words could convince anyone of nearly anything. His choice to initially hide his deal with The Saviors from the rest of his people was probably the best call to make at the time.

Neither he, or anyone else, truly knew how long peace would last and it was best to protect the people from the underlying danger. Of course, as kind and thoughtful as Ezekiel was, he also used his wit when bringing the Saviors pigs that had eaten walkers…

How Ezekiel was born for his future role at The Commonwealth on The Walking Dead.

Clever move, dear sir. However, when the inevitable happened, and he had to choose whether or not to join Rick and go to war with The Saviors, he made the right call.

What would follow was a man who nearly loses everything from Shiva to his mightiest warriors whom he basically considered family. But what king could he possibly be if his kingdom is empty of all those he loves and cares about?

Over time, victory is achieved and The Kingdom flourishes. Ezekiel marries Carol and together they raise Henry as their own son.

Everything becomes simply, beautiful and nearly perfect again. But nothing is guaranteed in times like these.

When Henry is brutally murdered by Alpha and The Whisperers, and his marriage to Carol falls apart, he refused to let it drag him down too. His positivity, and drive to make the most of life continued.

Sure enough, it shone through even brighter when he is diagnosed with thyroid cancer. A condition that even I thought was going to be his end.

Although their marriage didn’t last, Carol and Ezekiel’s love for each other did and she was able to save him, knowing he always had more to give the world. From reprising his role as zookeeper at The Commonwealth, to literally running an underground medical facility for the less fortunate, Ezekiel indeed proved he had more to give.

The surgery is successful, and the man is able to bring joy to the lives of The Commonwealth. Even when the decision to stay or go was presented to him, he knew he needed to stay.

As always, he places people and their happiness before himself. So, when the series comes to a close, with those who survived living happy lives at The Commonweath, The Hilltop and Alexandria, how does Ezekiel’s story end?

Honestly, in the best way possible. He becomes the new Governor The Commonwealth with Mercer as his second in command.

This role has always been Ezekiel’s calling. He’s not a ruler of man but a leader among men.

As Governor you know he will continue to place the needs of the people first, leading with the same warmth and intellect he always had. Even if walkers pose a threat to The Commonwealth walls and a new enemy emerges, Ezekiel will prove victorious with a smile.

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