The Top 3 Unforgettable Christmas pranks from The Office

THE OFFICE -- "Gay Witch Hunt" Episode 1 -- Aired 9/21/06 -- Pictured: (l-r) Rainn Wilson as Dwight Schrute, Steve Carell as Michael Scott (Photo by Justin Lubin/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images)
THE OFFICE -- "Gay Witch Hunt" Episode 1 -- Aired 9/21/06 -- Pictured: (l-r) Rainn Wilson as Dwight Schrute, Steve Carell as Michael Scott (Photo by Justin Lubin/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images) /

If there were ever a champion of pranks, it would be Jim Halpert of The Office. His pranks, mostly on his uptight and difficult coworker Dwight Schrute, are the thing of legend! Each prank varied in it’s creativity, as they often became more ridiculous than the last with no signs of stopping! Sometimes Jim’s future wife, Pam Beesly would join in the fray. More often than not, the rest of the staff at Dunder Mifflin would sit back and watch the prank unfold, which Jim avoiding any consequences. As this is the holiday season, we wanted to take a look at the three best Christmas pranks from the 9-season series.

The Office Christmas Prank: Wrapping Paper

Season 5, episode 11 “Moroccan Christmas”, opened with one of the most memorable pranks of the series period. Dwight arrives to work to find that everything, from his stapler to his desk chair has been wrapped in Christmas wrapping paper. Unamused Dwight scowls at the mess but believes he can unwrap everything pretty quickly. Jim however is confident that it will take Dwight longer as he is a black belt at gift wrapping. As Dwight attempts to put his briefcase down as well as sit down, everything collapses. Turns out, all of Dwight’s things were not gift wrapped at all. Jim wrapped everything to look like Dwight’s office belongings.

The Office Christmas Prank: When Snowmen Attack

In season 7 episodes 11/12 titled “Classy Christmas” Dwight finally gets his revenge. Tired of Jim’s pranks Dwight is able to successfully torment Jim using snowballs. Even the rest of Jim’s coworkers are amazed and basically watch as Dwight unleashes his fury. While multiple pranks take place, it is the ending of the episode that truly makes our list. After practically suffering from PTSD at this point, Jim freaks out upon seeing tons of snowmen waiting outside the office doors. Pam tries to calm Jim down to no avail as he starts destroying snowman after snowman trying to find Dwight. What Jim doesn’t know if that Dwight is standing and watching from the rooftop. He smiles with utter glee watching his opponent nearly fall apart at the sight of snowmen.

The Office Christmas Prank: CIA

Jumping all the way back to season 3 episodes 10/11 “Benihana Christmas” is Pam’s CIA prank. As we mentioned before, Pam would often prank Dwight herself. This time she decided to message Dwight pretending to be the CIA. For months she’s been sending him secret messages and missions, completely able to fool Dwight to even revealing his most personal secrets. Originally, she had done this hoping to allow Jim to take over. At first, he declines but he decides to join in on the fun. They decide to send him on a mission to Langly by helicopter. As Dwight waits on the rooftop for the helicopter, they send him a text saying that he has been comprised, to abort the mission and destroy his phone. Terrified, Dwight does exactly that.

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