Who is the possible villain of Marvel Studios Loki season 2?

What’s that, possible news about Loki season 2? Yes, please!

Quite recently, it has been revealed that actress Kate Dickie from Prometheus, Game of Thrones, and The Green Knight, has joined the cast of the Marvel Studios Disney Plus series. Who will she be playing?

There are conflicting rumors, but nothing set in stone just yet. One rumor, according to Deadline is that she will be playing the villain.

Another rumor from The Illuminerdi, states that she will be playing an older version of Sylvie. If we recall, in the season one finale of Loki, both he and Sylvie (a female Loki) have finally met the man behind everything called, He Who Remains.

Who will be the villain of Loki season 2?

He knows when everything will happen until Loki and Sylvie arrive to his domain. Upon giving Sylvie a choice, she goes against reason and Loki himself, killing He Who Remains.

This causes a collapse of order within time, resulting in Mobius himself not recognizing the God of Mischief upon his return. Not to mention the TVA seems to have had some interior decorating done, as statues of Kang the Conqueror can be seen everywhere.

Throughout season 1, Sylvie has been seen as the villain for her actions against the TVA. Sylvie simply acted out of the desired timeline, unknowingly as most seem to, and has been outrunning the TVA ever since her childhood.

As Loki grew to know her, he realized the absurdity of it all but still believed that time needed to keep going without issue. How will Loki find Sylvie in season 2?

What kind of timeline has Loki found himself in? Will Sylvie’s action affect other timelines and stories in the MCU?

Looks like we’ll have to wait and see.

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