Yellowstone season 5 episode 7 review: The Dream Is Not Me

Kevin Costner stars as John Dutton in Yellowstone. Paramount Network's original drama series Yellowstone returns for a second season starting Wednesday, June 19 at 10 p.m., ET/PT.
Kevin Costner stars as John Dutton in Yellowstone. Paramount Network's original drama series Yellowstone returns for a second season starting Wednesday, June 19 at 10 p.m., ET/PT. /

In the seventh episode of Yellowstone, Rip shows us in a flashback the means he will go to protect the woman he loves. “The Dream Is Not Me” shows us more of the history of Rip and Beth, Lynelle has bad news for Rainwater, and Jamie and Sarah plan something big.

Rowdy goes over the line when speaking about Beth and he pays the price. The two young cowboys get into a fight over her which is where it should have stayed, but it didn’t. Rowdy cowardly pulls out a knife and Rip is forced to defend himself with something greater than his fists.

Rip grabs a large rock when he comes at him with a knife and punches him to the ground. After a while, he’s not doing well and medical attention is needed. Rowdy told him to get help but whatever he does say he was bucked off and trampled over or he’d be in big trouble.

Upon getting to John he couldn’t lie to him. Not to the man that gave him the life he had, the man who told him to never lie to him. Though he had respect for him for defending his daughter it caused a problem. Especially when they went to find him. Too much head trauma and too much time had passed, as did he.

We see at that moment how Rip became to be branded to the Yellowstone. It was his promise to John but even before the incident, it was the only family he’d ever known. John tells him if he helps him he is forever connected to the ranch and can never leave. It comes across as almost an imprisonment but Rip sees it as a reward.

Jamie opens up to Sarah Atwood about why he became a lawyer and what he truly wanted. Being a lawyer was never his dream it was John’s. Of course, he agreed to it to please him and do what was best for the family, but ranching is deeply rooted in his blood too. It’s how he was raised.

John hates the monster he created. You can tell it still bothers Jamie, he still strives for his approval and rarely gets it. The ranch is the only thing he’s ever loved and though he’s highly manipulated by Sarah he asks her to help him save it.

Summer is dipping her toes in the water and helping with branding and castration. She of course is not a fan but injects the animals, apologizing the whole time. I know she is a big environmentalist but I found it childish and over the top. She could have just opted not to, someone else would have.

At the campsite, Beth sits around busting the chops of the women doing the walk of shame. A life she once knew all too well. Monica thinks she’s too mean but Beth tells her she only says the things others don’t have the courage to say. Cowgirls are tough they can handle it, Summer needs it.

The sweetest moment of the show was what happened following that. Beth and Monica have a nice heart-to-heart about something Beth never talks about. She reveals she knows how Monica feels because she feels it too, and feels it every day. So when she says I’m sorry she truly means it. Monica is grateful and thanks her. It’s good character development for her to not only be a loving sister-in-law when it’s called for but to be able to talk about her past to more people. I’m really loving the dynamic between these two characters this season.

Meanwhile, Mo and Thomas meet with Lynelle who delivers some less-than-thrilling news. The Department of Interior plans to run two pipelines in Montana through the reservation and just underneath their reservoir. They can legally do it and don’t need approval. Lynelle is going to set up a press conference to announce her opposition. Rainwater asks for her support as well for him. Kill two birds with one stone. She wholeheartedly agrees to it.

Stillborn bison are appearing throughout the ranch and it means trouble. The cattle will have to be tested for Brucellosis. Half the herd has to be separated from the rest of the cattle and moved down south. They will have to lease land somewhere that has a mild winter and it will be costly, not just financially. Rip will have to leave and take a team with him.

Could this be another connection to the 6666 ranch in Texas? We may get to see Jimmy sooner rather than later.

John is angry. Things are falling apart around him. It’s ironically Beth who tells him to catch his cool. Which seems hypocritical coming from the one who always fights off emotion. They don’t have the money to lease, only loans will allow John to do it.

Beth knows they have to change things. This will never work. The cattle business is giving them no profits and they get lucky to break even annually. John is hard-headed and does things the way they’ve done them for 100 years. But too much is changing. She knows beef is where the money is and thinks they should sell.

The Dutton family has worked too hard to see it all crumble now. John has to change his business model or it will all falter.

At a meeting in Jamie’s office, he learns his father put the ranch in a land trust. Something he was ill-informed of. Because of that financial hardships and legal problems will come John’s way problems that could make it an impeachable offense. Jamie’s eyes light up like a kid in the candy store.

Beth is a businesswoman and it’s her job to make people millions, and she’s damn good at it. Now John needs to let her do the same for him. Why not use gold when it’s in your back pocket? The wheels are turning in her head when she learns more about selling beef. It sounds like the perfect next step to sell some beef to be able to pay for the land lease.

Everyone is going to the fair and Rip asks Beth to go. At first, assuming she will rip his head off at the question. No pun intended. Surprisingly she agrees immediately.

At the fair, everyone is having a great time. Tate is a little sharpshooter which makes Kayce as proud as ever.

Teeter sets her eye on a big pink bar and she wants her man to win it for her. Colby confidently and almost teasingly wins it for her. It was refreshing to see more of Teeter finally. She was comic relief throughout. Between branding and Clara not being able to understand her and nobody being able to understand the way she said bear, you can’t help but laugh.

Towards the end, John and Summer have their own moment. At the start of the fair, he acted like they must keep this professional. At the end of the night, he’s staring at her like she holds the stars.

He was still playing hot and cold until the moment Summer told him she now understands ranching and understands why he does it. But how long will that last when John agrees to sell beef? They share a kiss at the end which is not smart in the crowded area. John does make a statement to her saying that women are smarter than men which is the most intelligent thing he’s ever said. Now if he could only be that smart with his love life.

Jamie is going to call for a vote of impeachment. War seems to be on the brink. Could this be the end for the Duttons? And how can Jamie take his family down and save the ranch at the same time? The mid-season finale will air on January 1st at 8:00 PM ET on Paramount or stream on Paramount +.

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