Is the script for The Mandalorian season 4 being written?

Chapter 3. Pedro Pascal is the Mandalorian and Emily Swallow is the Armorer in THE MANDALORIAN, exclusively on Disney+
Chapter 3. Pedro Pascal is the Mandalorian and Emily Swallow is the Armorer in THE MANDALORIAN, exclusively on Disney+ /

There is no argument that The Mandalorian paved the way for future live-action Star Wars TV shows on the streaming platform Disney Plus. With two seasons establishing the world and story of Mandalorian Din Djarin and the child Grogu, as they navigate a galaxy no longer under rule of the Empire, a third is on the way, due to arrive on Disney Plus on March 1.

Both seasons introduced and reintroduced several characters, locations, and stories, including some that haven’t been told before the series. Even though the highly anticipated next season has not aired yet, it sounds as though a script for a fourth season is in the works.

Cinema Blend shared this reveal upon an interview with Jon Favreau, one of the people we need to thank for the stellar Star Wars series. Favreau was quoted saying, “With television, we’re very lucky that we don’t have to rush things through into an hour-and-a-half, two hours. We get to tell stories slowly. So now, as Dave [Filoni]’s doing Ahsoka, it’s very much informing the writing that I’m doing for [The Mandalorian] Season 4. It becomes – how should I put it – more precise.”

For those who know the ins and outs of television, filming and script writing, this might not seem like a huge surprise. Scripts take time, planning ahead a story that you hope will receive more than one season on television takes time.

Jon Favreau reveals that The Mandalorian season 4 script is in the works.

Even figuring out how this story in particular will fit and possibly reshape Star Wars lore takes time. But from my perspective and probably most who simply love The Mandalorian, this is fantastic news!

Considering the next season will arrive in a matter of months, I’ll be very curious to watch which plots and characters will make their way into the following season. It will be fun to try and predict where the story will go next, as it continually gets bigger and bigger.

But what do you think? How many seasons do you think The Mandalorian will have?

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