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The last episode of Treason ended with everything all out in the open. (Not EVERYTHING, everything.)

(This is, after all, an entire series about twists and revealed secrets.) It seems that Sir Martin has been keeping tabs on Adam this whole time, assuming him to be a double agent.

And now he plans to let a man beholden to the Russians, win the election for Prime Minister so that he can later expose the plot and show off just how important he is. (It feels like at some point on this show called Treason we’re really going to get into the weeds on what does and does not count as treason.)

Treason season 1 episode 4 recap: Adam is hung out to dry

As this episode begins, Adam is hurrying back to MI6 because there’s a double agent somewhere out there that nobody’s looking for, since everybody assumes it’s Adam. But when he gets there, he finds that he is no longer in charge of MI6.

Now that Sir Martin is back, his badge and phone have been revoked. He takes his kids somewhere safe, which just so happens to look exactly like that remote cabin we saw in the first episode where a sniper was trying to kill Adam and his family.

The cabin is remote and should be safe, but too many people know about it. Sir Martin’s wife knows about it since her daughter used to be married to Adam.

She tells Sir Martin who dispatches agents to “take care” of Adam and the Russian businessman he believes Adam to be in league with. Maddy also knows about the home in the country, being married to Adam and all.

When she learns from the CIA the current whereabouts of Adam’s car, she’s able to deduce where he’s headed. Kara also starts heading to the country home since she left a bug in Sir Martin’s house and overheard the plan to have Adam killed.

Maddy gets there first. She had Adam have a tense conversation where some things are cleared up, but there’s a lot more that the two of them need to discuss.

It’s hard though, because there’s two kids around that they’re both trying to keep safe. Also, the news story about Audrey’s mother has broken, putting her campaign for Prime Minister in serious jeopardy.

That news constantly interrupts the conversation as well. Finally, Adam and Maddy send the kids to bed incredibly early so they can talk.

Treason season 1 episode 4 recap: The Maddy and Kara team-up…

Adam and Maddy clear the air. Adam knows Kara but isn’t helping her betray the country.

Maddy was working with the CIA to try and prove that Adam was innocent. Adam was in love with Kara at one point but he isn’t anymore.

His actions were based around trying to get his daughter safely home. Maddy saw him give the file to Kara containing the information about Audrey’s mother.

But that wasn’t MI6 files since they were Sir Martin’s personal files. So that may possibly not be treason since they weren’t official state secrets, but it still could be?

(Hey, those are the weeds that we were talking about earlier.) Adam and Maddy seem to be making some good progress, but it’s about to be for nothing because unbeknownst to them, the sniper has arrived to kill Adam.

Just like we saw in the opening scene in the series, the sniper turns his aim on Adam’s son and takes a shot. But this time, at the last second, Kara appears and pulls him to safety.

She explains that she overheard Sir Martin’s plan and Melnikov, the Russian businessman from before, is already dead. Kara and Maddy head out to distract the sniper while Adam gets the kids to safety.

It’s a tense sequence that involves running around in the dark a lot and ends with Maddy shooting and killing the sniper.

Treason season 1 episode 4 recap: It all comes down to this…

The five of them leave in Kara’s car, and head to Kit the lawyer’s house. Kit was the lawyer who Adam was talking to at the end of the second episode, about if he had technically committed treason.

It turns out that the reason Adam feels that he can still trust Kit in the series, where everybody is lying and nobody should be trusted, is because he is the best friend of Adam’s late wife. While the kids clean up, the grownups discuss the situation and decide that the only way out of the situation is for Audrey to grant them immunity.

(Which means she would need to win the election as well.) So, we now have our team all set up with Kara, Adam, and Maddy.

Everyone has their job as we go into the final episode. But to make things even more complicated, if the good guys are teaming up, then the bad guys can do the same.

Sir Martin calls Dede in and tells her that they should work together. He asks her to take out Adam for him, and if she does that, he will give her a file on Adam confirming that he was a double agent.

Dede agrees to team up with Sir Martin as the episode comes to a close.

Treason season 1 episode 4 recap: The missing ingredient…

It’s wild. When we covered the first episode of the show, I didn’t even bother to look up Sir Martin’s name.

He seemed to be nothing more than a plot device to get Adam in the top job. But now here we are with him turning into the main antagonist of the entire show.

It’s a great thing too. Ciaran Hinds is a fantastic actor and probably one that you recognize, even if you can’t quite remember where you’ve seen him before.

It’s wonderful to get to see Hinds have a meatier role than what I initially expected. If there was nothing the show was missing before, it was a true villain for Adam to go up against.

Kara was kind of filling that role for a while, though it always seemed like there was more to her than we knew, even from the very beginning. Now with Sir Martin’s true motivations revealed, as well as getting to see the lengths he’s willing to go to in order to get his way, he’s really the last puzzle piece the show needed to set everything up for the last episode.

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