Here is what we know so far about The Empress Season 2

The Empress. Image courtesy Netflix
The Empress. Image courtesy Netflix /

Netflix’s The Empress, which tells the story of Emperor Franz and his wife Empress Elisabeth, lured me and many in, completing the first season with six episodes and a whole lot of drama. While historical dramas are often either phenomenal or abysmal, The Empress excels at not only telling a story of love and hardship behind palace walls but does so in such a way that viewers are reminded that these portrayals are of people who once existed.

Like most, if not all historical dramas, some changes are made from events to characters and specific scenarios. But at its core, The Empress stays very true to the story, for better and worse.

Season 1 ends on a rather undiscernible note. For the first time, Elisabeth’s love for Franz is not enough to make her stay at the palace where she is, for the most part, unwanted.

For the first time Franz is truly angry at Elisabeth but there is still a possibility that his love for her with overcome any frustrations he may have. Elisabeth makes the bold power move to literally enter the crowd of unhappy people and consider them equal to her.

At the same time, Leontine, who has been posing as Countess Apafi, prevents an assassination attempt and Maximilian’s plans to overthrow Franz end before they even begin. So, what does that mean for season 2?

What is in store for The Empress season 2?

It has been confirmed that The Empress has been renewed for season 2. But we do not have a definitive release date.

Cosmopolitan however did a little theorizing based on other historical drama Netflix shows like Bridgerton and The Crown. “If Netflix follows suit with The Empress, we shouldn’t expect a second season until fall 2023 at the earliest.”

With that said, who from the cast is expected to return? Franz, Elizabeth, Leontine, Charlotte, and unfortunately Sophie should be returning no issue.

However, characters like Maxmilian could easily be written off as his fate could be handled off screen. As adorable as little brother Karl is, he was barely in the first season and the show could simply choose not to have him involved in the next season as well.

We may even see Elisabeth’s family for an episode or two, specifically Helene. However, nothing is currently set in stone.

Regardless, we look forward to what a new season will bring, which we’re hoping includes bringing Franz and Elisabeth back to a healthy, loving marriage.

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