HBO’s The Last of Us meets Mario Kart in this SNL skit

The Last of Us Episode 3
The Last of Us Episode 3 /

If you happen to be a fan of both Mario Kart and The Last of Us, SNL has the skit for you! In an odd twist, the combination of the two works extremely well, from the effects to the acting and even the humor.

For those who don’t know, The Last of Us is a video game turned television show, about a zombie apocalypse caused by a fungus. Mario Kart is a series of video racing games featuring characters like Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, and Yoshi.

How did SNL bond the two to create something so brilliant? Pedro Pascal, currently playing the role of Joel in HBO’s The Last of Us season 1, plays Mario, living in a post-apocalyptic Mushroom Kingdom.

His mission is to get Princess Peach to the Rainbow Road. But the journey will be far from easy, as Bowser is now ruling this decrepit world, and the deadly fungus known as Goomba roam freely.

What happens in the SNL The Last of Us Mario Kart skit?

But Mario and Peach won’t be alone. They will get help from shotgun wielding Luigi, and bisexuals Yoshi and Toad.

But will the mission still prove to be too much when banana peels threaten our heroes on the track? How will Mario be able to move on after watching Toad sacrifice himself on the road?

Within this chaos there is somehow a little guy on a cloud, who will use a fishing pole to help them get back on the road if they crash. It seems audiences are loving this skit, which already has over six million views on YouTube.

Have you seen the SNL skit? Would you watch a show like this on HBO?

If you haven’t seen the full skit, you can watch it here:

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