1923 Season 1 Episode 6: One Ocean Closer to Destiny

Harrison Ford as Jacob Dutton of the Paramount+ original series 1923. Photo Cr: Emerson Miller/Paramount+. © 2022 Viacom International Inc. All Rights Reserved.
Harrison Ford as Jacob Dutton of the Paramount+ original series 1923. Photo Cr: Emerson Miller/Paramount+. © 2022 Viacom International Inc. All Rights Reserved. /

In episode 6 of1923 season 1, Teonna is still searching for survival. The word will soon come to her father, but more trouble soon came for other members of her family.

The Marshalls came for her grandmother with a warrant for Teonna and sadly she didn’t make it out alive to help protect her granddaughter. In a fit of rage to get them out of her house, she pushed on an officer who pushed back and knocked her into her own stove.

She died instantly. It was really sad to see the one person in Teonna’s corner go out like that.

I still worry about the impact all these deaths will have Teonna Rainwater. She’s alive and fighting to survive the long haul, but her best friend and now grandmother, have succumbed to their death in the fight for her.

Will her own father be next? For now, Teonna is still in the run, wearing men’s clothing after having burned everything the school had given her, except for the Bible.

The man protecting Teonna knew the book all too well, from being in the white man’s prison. He heard the verses; he heard what their God did to people and didn’t want to take that risk.

He was afraid burning his books would turn him into salt. Teonna suggested the logical thing is burying them instead.

It all goes to show you the heart of a Native American. Even with all that white people had done to both of them, they still used their brain and thought twice before acting in anger.

Meanwhile, Spencer and Alexandra’s boat capsized. Alex was caught underneath the boat and Spencer went to save her.

Though in life she was a great swimmer, in severe dramatic circumstance anything can happen. With a hero and fiancé like Spencer, she and him got to the top of the overturned boat for safety.

Though as Alex always does, she went after a buoy and nearly met her life’s end, as Spencer was gathering supplies. The rough waters were one thing to deal with when you are stranded out in the ocean, the sun was another beast.

It beat down on them, burning their skin as the salt dried the rest. Spencer still remained loving yet protective much like Jacob would be.

He learned from the best.

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The search for livestock agents carried on with Cara Dutton in charge of it, doing just as Jacob asked. But the interviewees were clearly not used to such power from a woman, and they acted accordingly.

“What the hell does a woman know about law enforcement,” one asked. ”Absolutely nothing,” Cara remars.

“But I know men. You see I can look in a man’s eye and know if he can be trusted.” Jack took no pleasure in his aunt being spoken to like that and let’s just say that interview was short lived.

Cara came across the next candidate that she took a liking to, an once Chicago Police Detective who left for a quieter life.

He is the newest livestock agent.

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Jacob Dutton is looking much better these days, but maybe even too much better. Cara can see that he wants justice, he wants revenge.

But even she must know a man like Banner can’t survive the things he has done, no matter how many powerful men are backing him. Jacob (Harrison Ford) and Cara (Helen Mirren) have the most powerful scene on 1923 yet.

Cara yells at her husband, “How dare you give your back to me,” when he storms out in a fit of rage after a meeting from the Sheriff. What’s been done between them and Banner, is far from the end.

She reminds the love of her life, that this is far bigger than any need for justice. Him taking this on could mean the end for all of them.

She reminds him that it’s her who saved him. It’s her who kept him alive.

He wouldn’t be there without her, and getting revenge on Banner is the greed she spoke of at the start of this series. Greed comes in many forms, not always in money.

There are people who have suffered much more than Jacob, like Emma, Jack, and Elizabeth. Though Emma took her own life, Jack and Elizabeth could have gone rogue but found the fight within themselves to realize what is more important than vengeance.

Jacob is a man with pride and Cara is a woman who demands respect. She accepts no less than what she deserves and that is a woman of honor to me.

It takes a ton of effort for Jacob to get back on his horse, but once he does you can see the smile of happiness of his face. A rancher is in the heat of his element when he is at one with his horse and nature.

1923 Season 1 Episode 6 recap – It’s no vengeance it’s preservation

Justice is not always the need for revenge. It’s the need to keep the world the way it needs to be.

”This paradise becomes another concrete desert,” Jacob tells Cara. He wants them gone because the men who build cities always send men like Banner first.

And after what we know about Whitfield, he wants to take everything, at any cost. Jacob doesn’t want to kill them for him and his family’s loss, but for the potential loss of all of Montana.

It’s much bigger than just them. For the land, for Cara, for the peace of her in life and the peace of her in death.

With a kiss to the forehead Jacob goes. But the dynamic between Jacob and Cara in this episode, is the best I’ve seen from any two actors of any show in Taylor Sheridan’s universe.

Luckily, Spencer and Alex finally get a break. They are rescued by the Navy.

But because immigration takes such a long time, Spencer wants to get married in international waters now. He can’t wait that long to get to his family.

Despite that he adores and loves Alex, he wants to get married now. There’s no point in wasting anymore time.

The captain gives them some rings to choose from dead sailors. Spencer picks his quickly, but Alex finds a tougher time getting one to fit as they are all too big.

The captain pulls a chain off his neck with a necklace that belonged to his wife. He knew his wife would have wanted it that way.

In an ironic fashion, it fits to perfection. Fate has a way of doing such things.

The two of them share vows and within two weeks become the second Dutton couple to exchange them. Season 1 episode 7 of 1923 airs on February 19 on Paramount Plus with just one more episode to go directly following.

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