Hunters season 2 episode 3 recap: Duck. Quail. Goose. Crow.

Hunters Season 2. Courtesy of Prime Video
Hunters Season 2. Courtesy of Prime Video /

On the third episode of the new season of the Amazon Prime Video series Hunters, Jonah, and the newly reformed hunter team, join forces with Chava and her own people, albeit reluctantly. Despite being tied up at Chava’s Argentine mansion, they can’t argue that her methods have brought them actionable information.

Specifically capturing Frondheim before the hunters could kill him.

Hunters Season 2. Courtesy of Prime Video
Hunters Season 2. Courtesy of Prime Video /

Chava tortures the Nazi into revealing information about how to track down Hitler’s secret haven. He confesses that a man called the Crow, might know the exact location.

Somewhere in the chaos of the team escaping their bonds, Chava reveals her true identity. She is Ruth’s younger sister.

Therefore, Jonah’s grandaunt. Finally agreeing to work together, the now augmented team of original hunters with Chava’s people, head to the La Abadia.

It’s a former monastery turned hotel, where the Crow would pick up the briefcase now in the team’s possession. They will use it to lure out the Crow, capture him, and then cajole him to reveal the location of Hitler’s secret HQ.

Hunters Season 2 episode 3 recap: Casing the Crow

They break up into three teams: Mindy breaks into the courier’s hotel room to gain information about the meetup with the Crow, Jonah and Chava wait at the hotel’s resto for the meetup to happen, and Lonny and Georges will plant the briefcase on a nearby table to see who shows up to snatch it.

All the while, Harriet, Agent Millie, and Roxy are dressed up as hotel staff for backup, ready to take out any of the Crow’s bodyguards. As the groups monitor their parts in the mission, Jonah and his Aunt Chava get up to speed on how she’s still alive, despite all the claims that she dies in the concentration camps.

She recounts that a Jew was tasked to kill her but instead turned the knife on himself in an act of defiance. It galvanized the prisoners and led them to overpower their guards.

Chava escaped in the chaos and ran until she got home. Once there though, she found a Nazi officer and his wife had moved in.

She snapped and killed them. They were her first.

Hunters Season 2. Courtesy of Prime Video /

Hunters Season 2 episode 3 recap: How to disappear The Wolf

In a series of piecemeal flashbacks, Meyer inveigles Viktor at his house to give up his file on his old identity as Wilhelm Zuchs aka The Wolf. When he reveals the thousands of files of the Nazis who escaped, Meyer kills Viktor.

When Meyer finally gets back to his office, he finds his old friend Simon there. Simon reveals that he knows that Viktor was killed in his house.

He claims that Viktor should have been arrested and tried. But Meyer says it’s good that Viktor is dead by whatever method.

Simon doesn’t like it and declares that he will investigate Meyer. If anything points to him regarding Viktor’s death, he will be arrested.

Eventually, Meyer burns the file of Wilhelm Zuchs.

Hunters Season 2 episode 3 recap: Lonny Flash chokes

Back at the hotel, when the switcheroo happens, Lonny and Georges follow one of the goons into the hotel sauna. But Lonny screws up when he chokes like a coward and can’t help Georges.

Jonah excuses himself and goes to the women’s toilet. There he confronts an old woman and knifes her when she won’t give up Hitler’s location.

He finds a train ticket to Caieiras and when he brings it to Chava, she agrees that they should go there to see if there’s signs of Hitler and his troupe. Before they can leave, Jonah’s fiancée Clara shows up at the hotel lobby waiting for him.

At Hitler’s HQ, the ageing Fuhrer gets news that the Crow is dead and sends Joe after his former teammates.

Hunters Season 2. Courtesy of Jason LaVeris, Prime Video
Hunters Season 2. Courtesy of Jason LaVeris, Prime Video /

Hunters Season 2 episode 3 recap: Review

This is an episode that is trying to genuinely advance the story, yet confusingly also infuses it with WTF scenes that bring nothing to the table. Most of which are all the ones with Meyer, where he tries to track down his files as The Wolf.

I get that he wants to burn his former identity, yet at the same time if we were to leave those scenes on the cutting room floor, the episode would shed plenty of plot fat. Also, plenty of important explanations are dropped in the middle of conversations casually.

The effect robs them of narrative importance. One where Chava reveals how she survived the death camps to Jonah, is like a throwaway in the middle of their stakeout/dinner.

It was definitely something that could have had its own montage. Or even a whole episode!

All in all, the meat of this one could have been just half an episode and we could have done away with the rest as an extra episode. One of those “would be nice”, trivia shorts at the end of a season.

The showrunners are honestly making some weird pacing and plot execution decisions here. But I’d still like to know where it’s all leading.

I hope those threads can be brought together for a strong finish.

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