The Last of Us actor stars in a new Merge Mansion ad

The Last of Us premiering January 15 on HBO
The Last of Us premiering January 15 on HBO /

It is no secret that Pedro Pascal is a very busy guy. Between starring in both, HBO’s The Last of Us and the ongoing Disney Plus Star Wars series, The Mandalorian, it seems there is no end to Pascal’s stardom.

You’d think after the success of both shows, hosting SNL, constant interviews, and all his upcoming television shows and movies, he’d be pretty set right? I thought so too, until I watched an ad this morning and could not believe my eyes!

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For those unfamiliar, Merge Mansion is a game you can play on your phone, that has had some very crazy, questionable and downright clever advertising. What starts out as the main female character getting left at the altar on her wedding day, turns into something no one could have expected.

Her ever-loving grandma is there to cheer her up by giving her a key to the long since abandoned family mansion. But suddenly grandma gets arrested, and we never find out why.

Pedro Pascal from The Last of Us wants to uncover the truth in this Merge Mansion ad

These computer animated ads soon took a live action approach, when Kathy Bates herself stars as grandma, raking leaves full of knives. I remember seeing these ads randomly on YouTube with YouTube Channels constantly talking about them.

I had nearly forgotten about them, until this one popped up starring none other than Pedro Pascal himself. Playing the role of a police detective Tim Rockford, he is trying to piece together what is going on with the family without truly giving any details away.

In this ad, Kathy Bates is not grandma, but she remains ever suspicious and untrustworthy. What did grandma do?

Does she murder people? Does she cover her tracks by baking pies, Mrs. Lovett style?

Does any of this have anything to do with the actual game? With over 10 million downloads of the game, it seems many wonder the same thing.

What do you think?

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Have you ever played Merge Mansion? What do you think of the new ad?

Share your answers in the comments below!