Fans of Supernatural better prepare for Creation New Jersey

Fans of Supernatural are not going to want to miss this year’s Creation New Jersey Convention! From April 14-16, the Hilton East Brunswick in New Jersey will become a thrilling Supernatural convention, with several members of the cast ready to sign autographs and take photos with devoted fans!

Yes, we’re not joking! We’re talking Jensen Ackles, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Ruth Connell, Richard Speight, Jr., Mark Pellegrino, and more!

Not to mention, The Winchesters Drake Rodger, Meg Donnelly, and Jojo Fleites will also be in attendance! Keep in mind that the cost of autographs, photos, and group photos ranges and differs per actor and actress.

Make sure to check out the full list of special guests who will be currently attending and the prices before attending. But that’s not all!

What can Supernatural fans expect at this year’s Creation New Jersey Convention?

The convention will also have Makeup 101 with makeup artist Victoria Righthand, a Supernatural-themed trivia game, the Wayward Podcast with Kim Rhodes and Briana Buckmaster and more. If you also love The Vampire Diaries, The Originals, General Hospital and the Lucifer TV series, keep your eyes open for more Creation Entertainment Conventions.

Supernatural, concluded its 15 season run, on November 19, 2020. The scary yet distinct and compelling series followed Winchester brothers Sam and Dean as they hunt and battle all things, you guessed it, supernatural.

Naturally, a life like theirs isn’t easy and sometimes it can come at a great cost. The cast for the series was enormous!

Excluding the main cast, several actors appeared in roles such as Lauren Cohan, Finn Wolfhard, Sterling K. Brown, Matthew Lillard and Timothy Omundson. To learn more about the Creation New Jersey convention, how the photo op and autograph signing process works, what happens if a scheduled guest is unable to attend and more, click here.

You can watch Supernatural from beginning to end (all 15 seasons) currently on Netflix.

Will you be attending Creation New Jersey in April? Let us know in the comments below!