Gotham Knights season 1 episode 2 recap: Scene of the Crime

Gotham Knights -- “Pilot” -- Image Number: GKT101c_0037r -- Pictured (L-R): Olivia Rose Keegan as Duela, Oscar Morgan as Turner Hayes, Fallon Smythe as Harper Row and Tyler DiChiara as Cullen Row -- Photo: Jasper Savage/The CW -- © 2022 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.
Gotham Knights -- “Pilot” -- Image Number: GKT101c_0037r -- Pictured (L-R): Olivia Rose Keegan as Duela, Oscar Morgan as Turner Hayes, Fallon Smythe as Harper Row and Tyler DiChiara as Cullen Row -- Photo: Jasper Savage/The CW -- © 2022 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved. /

The first episode of Gotham Knights ended with the Talon cutting a guy’s head off, to let us know that these Court of Owls guys weren’t messing around. The only problem is that as far as the main characters know, The Court of Owls is a nursery rhyme and a logo on the back of a watch.

They have no real idea what this Court of Owls thing is. Turner wants to pick up the case where Batman must have left off when he was killed.

Carrie’s idea is to look at Bruce’s personal journals for some clues. We learn that Bruce Wayne kept personal journals on all of his cases, in his office at Wayne Tower.

Meaning in order to access them, they’re going to have to go back to the scene of Bruce Wayne’s death, the crime that they’re all wanted for. Not to mention the fact that now it’s a very famous crime scene, where all new security measures have been installed.

Gotham Knights season 1, episode 2 recap – Adding a hacker to the gang

Stephanie also meets the rest of the team, because apparently when you’re a wanted fugitive being framed for the murder of your own billionaire father, the best place to hide is in an old bell tower on your school’s campus. So Carrie, and now Stephanie can check in on the rest of the group.

Stephanie got in trouble for hacking into all the banks last episode, but not enough trouble for anybody to do anything about it. Another student at the school who seems to have a crush on her, takes the blame for the bank hacking.

But nothing really seems to happen to him either. (Maybe that’s because the Talon just mailed the severed heads of a bunch of cops to the GCPD, and they want to focus on that more in the moment.)

The group steals a Wayne security vehicle and drives it past the security into the garage at Wayne Tower. The plan is for Turner and Carrie to take Bruce Wayne’s personal elevator up to the office, bypassing all the new security measures.

It seems that in beefing up all the security for Wayne Tower, they decided to keep the elevator passcode the same. It’s 1939, the year the first Batman comic came out.

Carrie and Turner make it up to the office and find the secret stash of Batman stuff, including the journals. Carrie starts to pack up the Batman equipment, but Turner begins to immediately read the journals.

Back in the car, Duela tries to convince Harper and Cullen to abandon the other two and take this chance to make their getaway. She found somebody willing to pay an exorbitant amount for The Court of Owls watch.

It’s enough money for them all to be able to start new lives away from Gotham. Cullen wants to stay and help clear his name, and Harper wants to stay with Cullen.

The argument is moot when all the alarms start to go off. Before Turner and Carrie can escape, the Talon shows up and tries to kill them.

Gotham Knights season 1, episode 2 recap – Playing up the “daughter of the Joker” angle

Duela says that they need to help Carrie and Turner escape, but it’s a trick to get them out of the car, and she drives off abandoning everyone. Harper and Cullen get to the top floor and all four of them escape the Talon, by using a Bat-zipline that Carrie found in the office.

Once they’ve reached safety, Turner realizes that the high dollar value for The Court of Owls watch isn’t about buying the watch, but instead about finding the person in possession of it. He is completely right because when Duela tries to sell the watch, she gets a gun pulled on her.

However, before the merchant can bring Duela to the prospective buyer, the Talon shows up to tie up loose ends, starting with killing the watch buyer. Duela tries to run away, but ends up getting trapped in the car.

The Talon is about to burn her alive, when the rest of the group shows up to save her. Turner fights off the Talon with the sword that he took from Bruce Wayne’s office, because, if you’ll remember from the last episode, Turner is very good at fencing.

The kids all attack the Talon and are able to get away. Back at the hideaway, Duela thanks Turner for saving her life and apologizes for the whole, trying to abandon everybody thing.

Turner looks at his father’s journal, but some pages have been ripped out, so that’s a new mystery to solve. Except we immediately see that Carrie is the one who stole the pages, because they contain a secret about Turner.

Oh, and we also see that the mayor and Cressida (the Alfred replacement) are both in league with The Court of Owls, as the episode draws to a close.

Gotham Knights season 1, episode 2 recap – The Talon is terrible at his job

After a single moment in the last episode, this is the real introduction of the Talon, who looks like he’s supposed to be the big scary villain, at least for this season. Except based on what happened in this episode, he seems to be terrible at his job.

He’s supposed to be a very intense character, with the severed heads getting mailed to the police station, but that’s really undermined by the fact that he can’t help but let a bunch of teenagers get away again and again. Nobody in our cast of main characters, except for maybe Carrie, has really been set up to be a superhero.

Especially not one on Batman’s level. The rest of the group are just normal kids, and yet, they outrun and outwit the Talon, and are even able to hold their own in a fight with him.

If this is supposed to be the intro of an imposing supervillain that should cast fear and suspense for the viewer, it’s landed with a rather big thud this episode.

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