Adventures through time: A look at the best time travel shows on Netflix

Stranger Things season 1, Millie Bobby Brown as Eleven.
Stranger Things season 1, Millie Bobby Brown as Eleven. /
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Exciting adventures of time travel: Outlander

The time travel aspect in Outlander is a central theme to the show, as the protagonist Claire Randall travels back in time, from the 20th century to the 18th century. Her presence in the past creates a ripple effect that alters the course of history.

The show explores the idea that every action has a consequence, and every decision has the power to shape the future. Through her experiences in the past, Claire gains a new perspective on her own life and learns to appreciate the present.

Her time travel also allows the show to explore important historical events and cultural differences between the 18th and 20th centuries. The show delves into topics such as gender roles, politics and the social hierarchy of the time, all of which provide a rich backdrop for the show’s central romance and adventure elements.

Furthermore, time travel in Outlander also serves as a metaphor for the characters personal journeys. The show explores themes of identity, loss and self-discovery and time travel is used as a device to examine these ideas.

Through her travels, Claire is forced to confront her own beliefs and biases and to question what she thought she knew about herself and the world around her. In addition to the narrative possibilities, time travel also allows Outlander to explore different historical periods in detail.

The show features meticulously researched and authentic sets, costumes and props that transport viewers back in time to the 18th century Scottish Highlands and other time periods. Furthermore, time travel serves as a catalyst for character development and growth.

The protagonist, Claire, is a modern woman from the 20th century who is thrust into the 18th century and forced to adapt to the societal norms and expectations of the time. Her experiences in the past shape her character and influence her decisions in the present.

She constantly grapples with the question of where she truly belongs. This internal conflict creates a compelling and relatable character arc that drives the story forward.

Overall, time travel is an integral part of the Outlander story and provides a unique and captivating narrative that keeps audiences coming back for more.