Adventures through time: A look at the best time travel shows on Netflix

Stranger Things season 1, Millie Bobby Brown as Eleven.
Stranger Things season 1, Millie Bobby Brown as Eleven. /
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These are just a few of the best time travel web series on TV. Each show has its own unique spin on the time travel concept and all of them are worth checking out.

Time travel is a popular concept in science fiction and has been explored in many different ways in TV shows. Some shows focus on the technical aspects of time travel, explaining the mechanics of how it works and how characters are able to manipulate time.

Other shows focus more on the philosophical implications of time travel, exploring questions about fate, free will and the consequences of changing the past. One common theme in time travel TV shows is the idea of altering the course of history.

Characters often travel back in time with the intention of changing something, whether it’s to prevent a tragedy from occurring or to correct a mistake they made in the past. However, they often find that their actions have unintended consequences.

The changes they make to the timeline can have far-reaching effects on the future. Another common theme is the idea of time loops or paradoxes.

In these shows, characters are trapped in a repeating cycle of events, either because they’re trying to prevent a certain outcome or because they’re stuck in a loop that they can’t escape. These shows often play with the idea of cause and effect and how even small changes to the timeline can have huge ramifications.

Overall, the time travel series on Netflix have been a fascinating and entertaining addition to the platform’s library. They have explored a range of themes, characters and narratives while keeping viewers hooked with their intricate plots and clever twists.

Whether you’re a science fiction fan or simply someone who loves a good story, these series are definitely worth a watch.

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