Succession season 4, episode 3 recap: Connor’s Wedding

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In episode 304 of HBO’s Succession, one of the biggest characters dies. In fact, Logan Roy actually dies somewhat unexpectedly early on in the episode, while on an airplane trip to meet with Lukas Matsson about business.

Not only is Logan one of the show’s biggest characters, but there’s a solid argument that he’s perhaps the main character. So, honestly, this episode doesn’t have that many stray details to recap, aside from how Logan’s children and his business colleagues respond to the demise.

For example, not long before dying, Logan had told his son Roman to let Gerri Kellman (J. Smith-Cameron) know she is fired, which Roman feels highly conflicted about. The idea is that Gerri somehow took her eye off the ball regarding the cruise ship scandal.

However, it’s obvious she’s just a person to pin the blame on. It also suggests Logan may not have been thinking clearly, as he knew Roman had been harassing Gerri with sexual photos (obviously, her getting fired makes it more likely for her to take such a scandal public).

Succession season 4, episode 3 recap – Connor’s Wedding

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It should be mentioned that, in some ways, the title of this episode “Connor’s Wedding” is deceptive, because his big day is hugely overshadowed by Logan’s death. This was no doubt it was done intentionally, probably to make that plot development an even bigger shock.

Sure, viewers already knew Logan had health problems, but some might have assumed he would live until at least the second-to-last episode, if not the finale. It’s also, (perhaps), another clever hint that Connor Roy is always being overshadowed by his father and his siblings, even in the midst of his Presidential run.

Though Connor is a bit of an understated character on Succession, there’s a sense that he’s an underdog when it comes to being taken seriously. Now that Logan has died, it almost immediately suggests his siblings might have to acknowledge him more.

He still marries Willa in a much quieter ceremony in light of Logan’s passing. The fact she appears to (maybe) actually love him, gives him a much-needed confidence boost.

The question is: How will his marriage fit into future episodes? It doesn’t seem like Willa’s only with Connor for money, but that it perhaps had started that way.

(It was previously suggested that Connor’s favorite movie is An Indecent Proposal, in which a billionaire offers a million dollars to a struggling couple if the wife agrees to sleep with him).

Succession season 4, episode 3 recap – The reactions to Logan’s death

After three seasons of constant battles with his father, another big character of Succession, Kendall Roy, has conflicted feelings about the death. Still, he tells Logan that he loves him over the phone.

All of the other Roy children seem similarly sad about the news, including Siobhan “Shiv” Roy and even Roman. In fact, viewers of Succession might be surprised (and pleased), to see that Roman actually can exhibit some actual emotion.

It can indeed be tough responding to the passing of someone you didn’t have a perfect history with, and Succession adequately conveys the emotional complexity of these scenes, (MSNBC writer Ani Bundel said the episode, “may be one of the greatest TV episodes of all time”).

As far as other reactions, it appears that Kerry Castellabate seems almost happy that Logan died. Meanwhile, Tom Wambsgans wants Greg Hirsch to make it clear that he was there for Logan.

Obviously, this is not purely for sentimental reasons, but also for future business considerations. The Roy siblings all decide to draft and deliver the initial public statement regarding Logan’s death, with Shiv doing most of the actual talking.

(WARNING: This trailer drops an F-bomb.)

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Succession season 4 episode 4 airs on April 16 on HBO.