Hunters season 2 episode 6 recap: Only the Dead

Hunters Season 2. Courtesy of Prime Video
Hunters Season 2. Courtesy of Prime Video /

In the sixth episode of the new season of the Amazon Prime Video series Hunters, with the help of a deprogrammed Joe, the hunters finally track down Hitler’s small village and compound. What follows is a showdown between the Nazis and the hunting team.

In an expansive Argentinean valley, the Hunters discover Hitler’s compound and find themselves in the presence of ultimate evil, as a cataclysmic battle between good and evil ignites.

Despite having their doubts about Joe, that he might have planned all this and intentionally let himself be captured, the team relents and ask their former member to spill the location of the Nazi HQ.

Hunters Season 2. Courtesy of Prime Video
Hunters Season 2. Courtesy of Prime Video /

Hunters season 2 episode 6 recap: “I can’t marry a monster”

Jonah and Clara have a couple’s argument about the whole endeavor. I mean, if you were Clara and got kidnapped plus saw your fiancé shoot folks then you’d be a skittish bride too.

Despite Jonah’s promises that he’ll soon stop and they’ll get married, you can tell Clara’s already exited the relationship. She gives Jonah back their engagement ring.

Jonah asks Chava: “Are we monsters.” Then Roxy is back from the hospital, patched up from getting shot by Joe.

Lonny spots Joe and tries to shoot him. The team stops him and explains that they can get to Hitler through their formerly brainwashed teammate.

Roxy frees Joe, telling him that she scoured the city after they lost him. And they have a touching reunion as Joe apologizes for shooting her.

Hunters season 2 episode 6 recap: Mrs. Hitler

Meanwhile, at the Nazi HQ, Eva Braun and Hitler are having a couple’s spat. Eva suggests they move forward with a regime change with her at the tip of the spear as Mrs. Hitler. Adolf is having none of it.

The hunters still don’t fully trust Joe and on the road trip to the compound, Mindy is confused about why they’re heading east when they should be heading west.

Back in 1976, Meyer and the original team with Ruth are gearing up for an operation. Harriet comes in with news that, through her old MI6 sources, seven mysterious deaths of Germans have been kept mum in Argentina.

Meyer and the team opine it might be another hunting squad. Harriet shakes her head, MI6’s findings suggest it’s likely a single man. On Meyer’s orders, they’ll go to Buenos Aires and find the lone wolf and pump him for intelligence.

Hunters Season 2. Courtesy of Prime Video
Hunters Season 2. Courtesy of Prime Video /

Hunters season 2 episode 6 recap: The Jewish superhero

Flashback to 1977 and Harriet and Meyer are scoping out the cases to find their mysterious Nazi hunter. They find Chava at a remote cabin on the outskirts of Buenos Aires.

Chava almost kills Harriet but Meyer talks her down and explains everything. After bonding moments, Meyer offers her a spot on the team. But Chava refuses. Meyer also promises not to tell Ruth about their encounter with her sister.

Jonah and the hunting team are spelunking in the woods at night to get to Hitler. They stop for a bit and Chava tells them a story about when she first got out of the camps.

It’s about “The Plague.” Basically, a Jewish superhero whose mission was to disappear Nazis. She eventually met this superhero and they fell in love. It was her ex-boyfriend Zev.

Eventually, Zev gave up his Nazi killing ways, but Chava continued. One day, Chava explains, if they succeed the oppressed peoples of the world would tell stories about the hunters like they were myths or fairy tales.

Something to be held in awe imbuing hope in the persecuted. Only if they kill Hitler. It’s a great speech, morale’s up now.

Hunters Season 2. Courtesy of Prime Video /

Hunters season 2 episode 6 recap: Memory games with the Fuhrer

Eventually, Joe leads them to a manhole deep in the woods. He says it leads to a system of tunnels in case Hitler needs to flee again.

One of them definitely to the compound. He can’t say which, so they’ll need to find their own way through. Mindy opens the door with her demolition expertise. Nothing a bit of C4 can’t fix.

At the Nazi compound, Adolf and Eva play a memory game while the hunting team makes their way through the tunnels. Adolf gets all the items wrong.

Eva makes her point that it’s she who’s been advancing their cause for more than three decades. She should be conferred the crown and he can bask in the glory of a new movement.

Hitler just chuckles in her face.

Joe has made good on his promise and led them to an exit in the tunnels. He’ll go in and distract the guards along with some of the team with a firefight. But the rest must move fast if they are to get to Hitler before he is shanghaied into the bunker.

Joe makes his way through the compound and to the nearest guard post. Everyone knows him. Even the locals greet him warmly.

Hunters season 2 episode 6 recap: Chava’s sacrifice

Joe shoots the two guards and hordes of other security come pouring out. While the soldiers are busy with them, Chava and Jonah make their way to the compound.

One of the young Nazis climbs the wall of the compound and alerts the guard at Hitler’s mansion. Fortunately, Chava and Jonah are just in time. They catch the guards moving Hitler to the bunker.

A firefight ensues in the corridors. Chava sacrifices herself so that Jonah can get into the bunker after Adolf. Eva is left behind.

Chava goes out in a hunter blaze of glory. Jonah sees it, then locks the door behind him.

Hunters Season 2. Courtesy of Prime Video
Hunters Season 2. Courtesy of Prime Video /

Hunters season 2 episode 6 recap: The approval of the dead

Jonah confronts Adolf in the, all things considered, pretty nicely furnished bunker. At this point, he’s just a sad and defeated man, cornered in an underground hideaway.

Adolf has a pistol in his hand. He tries to kill himself but Jonah stops him just in time, telling Adolf that he doesn’t get to choose how his life ends.

Jonah binds and captures him. As he marches Adolf through the narrow tunnels, a vision of Jews from the concentration camps and those who’ve come before line up against the walls and seem to congratulate the young hunter.

There are thousands of them. The ghosts smile at Jonah. They line up behind him and Jonah feels the weight of history marching with him.

Hunters season 2 episode 5 recap: Review

Arguably one of the three best episodes of this season, it’s really this late in the game that this weirdly, stutteringly paced season has found its stride.

Two moments make this episode worthwhile. Chava telling the story of her ex-boyfriend Zev, nicknamed “The Plague” by the Nazis he hunted, in the woods. It was an excellent story to embolden her ragtag troops.

Second is Jonah capturing Hitler instead of killing him. After all this time, the writers have finally made a moment to conjure up the moral and ethical nature of Jonah’s character.

Instead of killing the Fuhrer, he opts to march him out to the light and show the world the evil they have tried to forget. The scene where a line of ghostly Jews observes and fetes Jonah with smiles of victory, of “you got him!” plaudits gave me goosebumps.

Made my hair stand on end at the revenge fantasy that this series provides. With gravitas and meaning, they finally got this right.

The dead Jews lining up behind Jonah, standing behind him to see justice done with the weight of their wraithly approbation is a thing of beauty. The title of the episode makes sense now. That really made my hair stand on end.

Hunters Season 2. Courtesy of Prime Video
Hunters Season 2. Courtesy of Prime Video /

Logically a trial for war crimes would follow, but I am just pumped to see how the next two remaining episodes play out with Hitler in tow and at their mercy.

Who else is all in for Hitler’s trial?!

You can stream both seasons of Hunters on Prime Video now.

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