Rennervations Season 1 Episode 2 recap: Mexico: Building a Mobile Dance Studio

Jeremy Renner and Sebastian Yatra as seen on Disney's RENNERVATIONS. (Disney/Carlos Aboyo)
Jeremy Renner and Sebastian Yatra as seen on Disney's RENNERVATIONS. (Disney/Carlos Aboyo) /

In season 1 episode 2 of the Disney Plus original series, Rennervations, Jeremy Renner and his team decide to help children in Los Cabos, Mexico. After their dance studio is closed down and left in disrepair, Renner and his team decide to turn an NYC bus into a mobile dance studio.

Rennervations Season 1 Episode 2 recap – The Task

Jeremy Renner’s first acting performance was in a small stage performance of The Wizard of Oz. He played, without fail, the Scarecrow and added actual footage to prove it.

Theater, like music, brings people together, and this time he wants to bring the power of dance back to the children in Los Cabos, Mexico. Renner decides an NYC bus will be the perfect vehicle for what he has in mind.

He wants the bus to become a mobile dance studio, complete with a dressing room, lockers, and a fully functional and expandable dance floor. The bus will also need to be able to properly store all of the equipment, including stereos and lights.

But why a mobile dance studio? Well, a little place called Casa Hogar, which has been essentially fostering children who are unable to live with their families for the time being, desperately need one.

The children are housed, fed, clothed, and are able to participate in a plethora of activities like school and soccer. However, their dance studio, located in town, was unfortunately damaged in a hurricane.

It was never repaired, and the owners had to shut it down. Dance is a huge part of Latin culture, so Renner wants to bring it back for these kids to enjoy once more.

Rennervations Season 1 Episode 2 recap – The Build

Once again, Renner’s team is under a tight deadline, with many worried about how they will be able to build the stage. Cutting a giant hole in the center of the bus was easy but making it strong enough to open and close a giant stage, that also has to support the weight of people dancing, isn’t.

Thankfully, the team is able to complete this task, that was essentially their biggest problem. Aside from an introduction to a few new crew members, we basically get to see the same ones working extremely hard to make this task possible.

We get more insight into many of their pasts and how this project in particular, resonates with them. Renner, being the down to Earth man that he is, spends time with the kids at Casa Hogar, learning more about the foundation and how it has helped so many children over the years.

As this episode is focusing a great deal on Latin culture, Renner decides to give Sebastian Yatra a call. For those who don’t know, Yatra sings Dos Oruguitas from the hit Disney film Encanto.

He, like Vanessa Hudgens before him, will be the guest star of the episode.

Rennervations Season 1 Episode 2 recap – The Reveal

Like Hudgens before him, Yatra arrives for reveal day, surprising the large crowd of children and families. He even has a live performance on the stage with children dancing around him.

We think it’s safe to say that the stage can withstand the weight of several dancers. The final reveal of the transformed NYC bus astounded me.

It goes to show that sometimes no idea is too big or impossible to achieve. The mobile dance studio will become a welcome addition for the children to use at Casa Hogar, allowing them to continue their dreams and dance as often as they want to.

Rennervations Season 1 Episode 2 review

There is no doubt that the mobile dance studio was a bigger project than the mobile music bus, purely because of the retractable stage. I never would have imagined, even with all the work that needed to be done, for a NYC bus to be that strong and capable.

I am equally impressed by how everything fits back inside without issue and still has a pleasing design. I am unsure how large the dressing room area was, but overall, I think Renner’s team did a great job.

I especially loved their little detail of their painted handprints on the top of the bus, creating an array of bright colors.

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