Galaxy Quest TV sequel headed to Paramount+

By grabthar’s hammer! It looks like Galaxy Quest is coming to Paramount+ with a TV series sequel to the 1999 comedy.

Galaxy Quest was a movie that served as a parody, not only of Star Trek, but the passionate fandom that surrounded the franchise. While that premise could have turned off Star Trek fans, the movie was able to be a loving tribute to the fandom as much as it was a sendup, and the movie received critical acclaim when it was first released.

While the movie wasn’t a huge success initially, word of mouth helped the movie’s success grow over the years, and today many fans (somewhat humorously) refer to Galaxy Quest as their favorite of the Star Trek movies.

Who is making the Galaxy Quest show?

For years, there has been discussion about the possibility of making another Galaxy Quest, and it looks like we might be getting one on Paramount’s streaming service in the next few years. While the show is still in the very early stages of development, Mark Johnson, who was a producer of the original film, has been announced as the executive producer of the upcoming TV show. It is unknown if any of the cast from the original series is expected to return for the series, but that wouldn’t be surprising.

For those of you who feel like you heard about this television show years ago, you’re not exactly wrong. A TV sequel to Galaxy Quest has been kicked around for some time now. In 2015, it was announced that Amazon was developing a Galaxy Quest series, but that iteration of the project never seemed to get much further than the announcement, and it seems that the death of Alan Rickman in early 2016 stalled the project out.

What will the Galaxy Quest show be about?

Over the years, as rumors of a Galaxy Quest series have circulated, fans have speculated what a Galaxy Quest series would look like. Would it be just like the movie, or would it possibly lean more into its sci-fi elements? After all, the movie is based on the idea of a Galaxy Quest TV series. Could the series being developed be the series that was referenced in the movie? Or will it be a meta-show that combines all of these ideas, meeting somewhere in between?

Given that we have no announcement of a writer for the series or even a concept of where the show might go, the door is still wide open to all of these options. Either way, it must be exciting for the fans that have kept the enthusiasm alive for all this time to hopefully get a brand new series in the near future.