Gotham Knights season 1 episode 5 recap: More Money, More Problems

Gotham Knights -- “Pilot” -- Image Number: GKT101d_0533r -- Pictured (L-R): Olivia Rose Keegan as Duela Doe, Tyler DiChiara as Cullen Row and Fallon Smythe as Harper Row -- Photo: Jasper Savage/The CW -- © 2023 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.
Gotham Knights -- “Pilot” -- Image Number: GKT101d_0533r -- Pictured (L-R): Olivia Rose Keegan as Duela Doe, Tyler DiChiara as Cullen Row and Fallon Smythe as Harper Row -- Photo: Jasper Savage/The CW -- © 2023 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved. /

In the last episode of Gotham Knights, we learned that The Talon is actually a century-old serial killer being kept alive through unnatural means by a secret society made up of the elite members of Gotham’s upper class, who have orchestrated all major events of the city for the past hundred years. So in this episode, we’re going to focus on the mob instead.

The show tries to make a tangential connection between this episode’s setup and the ongoing Court of Owls plot. Apparently, the mob in question is responsible for helping to launder the Court’s money through a shell corporation, so by stealing a ledger book from the mob, our heroes might not only be able to clear their name but prove the existence of the Court as well. So they set up a plan to steal from the mob. It’s Tuner’s idea and Carrie thinks that’s such a rash idea that Duela must have come up with it. Keep that in mind, because it will come back later.

Gotham Knights season 1, episode 5 recap – Less memory, more problems

Meanwhile, Harvey Dent is dealing with the fact that he has a piece of evidence that could connect him to the death of the mayor, except he has no idea how he got it. In fact, he has no memory at all of the night before waking up with a piece of evidence in his possession.

He talks to the force’s psychiatrist, and we learn that Harvey’s father had split personality disorder, and Harvey fears that this could be happening to him as well. The audience that knows that Harvey Dent is supposed to end up as Two-Face, is already way ahead on this storyline. The psychiatrist convinces him this is not what’s happening, but later on, Harvey gets a mysterious phone call from a strange number and blacks out once again.

Back with the teenage fugitives, the big advantage that they have when making the plan is that Harper apparently used to date one of the members of the mob, so she knows exactly how their operation is run. She knows what warehouse to hit and when. She knows how to sneak in and avoid being detected. She has every step of their plan carefully mapped out. Cullen, meanwhile, is still stuck on the revelation that his sister dated a guy in the mob, something that he knew nothing about.

The group of four fugitives, plus Carrie, show up at the warehouse, and Harper wants to sneak in, but Turner plows straight ahead and punches out the first guy he sees. This is rash action number two for the episode. It works, and the gang gets inside the warehouse where, good news, they successfully find a ledger they were looking for, but better news, they also find thirty million dollars. However, less good news, they also get caught by Harper’s ex-boyfriend who holds them at gunpoint and plans to turn them in to the police.

Gotham Knights season 1, episode 5 recap – The mob attacks

The gang overpowers the one mob member, but they end up trapped in the warehouse with the money. They let the rest of the mob in, including the police officers that are on the mob payroll, but then they drive away in a stolen van, with the police in hot pursuit. It seems like they’re going to get caught, but instead, they throw all the money out of the back of the van, causing a traffic jam that traps the police and lets them get away.

Back at the hideout, the group watches the news praise their getaway plan as an act of heroism and calls the new fugitives the Gotham Knights. Duela also points out that Turner has been more reckless in this episode, probably because he’s still feeling hurt about his caretaker’s betrayal from the last episode.

Meanwhile, Harvey Dent wakes up in the bed of Rebecca March, the wife of his political opponent for Mayor, once again having no memory of how he got there. Apparently, Harvey and Rebecca have some kind of secret relationship from the past, but it looks like the past is now the present. Harvey racks his brain for the missing time that he can’t remember, and the things he might have done during that time period as the episode comes to an end.

Gotham Knights season 1, episode 5 recap – Nobody cares about secret identities anymore

It’s been five episodes, so we’re going to go ahead and address something that’s been problematic since the first episode. Is anybody going to wear a mask when they’re fighting crime in this show?

The entire series is about teenagers taking up the legacy of a man who famously wore a mask when he was fighting crime. But every time these guys go out on the street, they’re showing their faces for the world to see. It’s even worse in this instance because they aren’t just trying to maintain a secret identity.

Four of these characters are actively wanted for murder. If they get spotted at all, by anybody, it could mean a lifetime behind bars. But so far nobody has even mentioned a mask. It’s even worse in this episode with Carrie not even bothering to put on the Robin goggles she has worn earlier in the show. Sure, it doesn’t do much to obscure her identity, but at least it’s something. Now, she’s out trying to rob the mob, with nothing in the world to keep her from being identified by every criminal she meets. They’re going backward and it needs to stop.

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