Obsession Season 1 Review: An underwhelming portrayal of love and lust

Obsession. Cr: Netflix.
Obsession. Cr: Netflix. /

The Netflix TV show Obsession is about a dangerous kind of love. It looks at how obsession can harm people and their relationships.

Some people like the show’s strong acting and the way it deals with a difficult topic. Others think that the story needs more depth.

The plot of Obsession Season 1

The show centers around the life of Dr. William Farrow, a respected British family man, who becomes embroiled in a sordid and forbidden affair with Anna Barton, the girlfriend of his son, Jay. The series delves into the complex and multifaceted nature of obsession, as Dr. Farrow’s deep desire for Anna becomes an all-consuming force that threatens to destroy everything he holds dear.

As their relationship develops, the two lovers struggle to keep their affair a secret from those around them, including their families and friends.

Performances of Obsession Season 1

The central characters of Anna and William are portrayed with captivating performances by actors Charlie Murphy and Richard Armitage, respectively. Murphy’s extensive theatrical background is apparent in her portrayal of Anna, bringing depth and nuance to the character’s inner turmoil and intense emotional state.

Meanwhile, Armitage’s alignment with Murphy’s acting style is evident throughout the series, resulting in a strong on-screen chemistry between the two actors. Murphy’s portrayal of Anna is a standout performance in the series.

As a character torn between her love for William and the guilt and shame that comes with their affair, Murphy brings a raw vulnerability to the role that makes the audience empathize with Anna’s struggle. Her portrayal is grounded in reality, and she brings a depth of emotion to the character that keeps the audience engaged throughout the series.

Armitage, meanwhile, plays William with a controlled intensity that perfectly matches Murphy’s performance. His portrayal of the conflicted and passionate doctor is nuanced, with subtle shifts in expression and tone that convey William’s internal struggle.

His performance is both captivating and understated, drawing the audience in and allowing them to become fully invested in the character’s story.

Obsession Season 1 Review: An underwhelming portrayal of love and lust
Obsession. Cr: Netflix/Ana Blumenkron /

Cinematography of Obsession Season 1

Obsession utilizes close-ups and intimate settings to effectively convey the intense emotions experienced by the characters. The cinematography of the show is skillfully executed, highlighting the raw emotions and inner turmoil of the characters with the use of close-up shots and carefully selected camera angles.

The camera work adds to the overall intensity of the series. The viewer is drawn into the story and the emotional journey of the characters.

However, the show’s focus on Anna and William’s relationship leaves little room for a fully realized cinematic universe. While the cinematography is impressive, there is a missed opportunity to further explore the setting and create a more comprehensive world for the characters.

The focus on the central relationship is all-consuming. While this is effective in conveying the themes of love and obsession, it leaves little room for exploring other characters and themes.

Despite this limitation, Obsession does manage to create a compelling world for its central characters. The use of intimate settings and close-ups draws the viewer into the emotional landscape of the characters and the cinematography supports the performances of the actors.

While the series may not have a fully realized cinematic universe, the use of cinematography and camera work is still a strong aspect of the show.

Final verdict of Obsession Season 1

The show has been talked about for its good acting, but some people think it doesn’t have much of a story or artistic value. The show only focuses on the relationship between two people and doesn’t show much about other characters or themes.

The show also has a lot of sexy scenes, but they don’t really add to the story. In conclusion, Obsession might be interesting for people who want to watch something sexy, but it doesn’t have much of a story or deep narrative.

The actors are good and the camera work is nice, but that’s not enough to make the show worth watching.

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Obsession is available for streaming on Netflix.