Netflix’s Obsession season 1, episode 1 recap and review

Obsession. Cr: Netflix.
Obsession. Cr: Netflix. /

Obsession, the latest addition to the Netflix Originals library; is a gripping British thriller series that will leave you on the edge of your seat. Co-written by Morgan Lloyd Malcolm and Benji Walters, Obsession is based on the novel Damage by Josephine Hart.

The series features a star-studded cast, including Richard Armitage, Charlie Murphy, Indira Varma, and Sonera Angel. It is directed by Glenn Leyburn and Lisa Barros D’Sa.

The series consists of four episodes and was released on April 13, 2023. The show is a mixture of drama and erotic thriller genres, making it a unique viewing experience.

The story revolves around the wealthy Farrow family, with a famous doctor, William, as the patriarch. William is known for his groundbreaking surgery, which separated twins who were born joined together.

Obsession is a must-watch series for anyone who enjoys a good thriller, with a touch of eroticism. With an excellent cast and a gripping storyline, the show is sure to keep you entertained and guessing until the very end.

Obsession – Season 1 episode 1 recap and review
Obsession. Cr: Netflix. /

Obsession: First episode recap

  • The Farrow family: In the first episode of the show, we meet the Farrow family. They are a wealthy family with a father, William who is a famous doctor, a mother, Ingrid and two children, Jay and Sally. William is known for doing a very important surgery where he separated twins who were born joined together. Ingrid takes William to visit her father Edward, who is also very important. Edward is having a party for William to celebrate his success and to introduce him to some important people in the government.
  • The introduction of Anna Barton: At the party, William meets a woman named Anna Barton who works for the government. They feel an immediate strong attraction to each other. William drinks too much and Ingrid has to take him home. William lies to Ingrid and says he didn’t meet Anna at the party. Jay wants to introduce Anna to his family during lunch on Sunday, but he really likes her and wants to be more than just friends.
  • The forbidden attraction: William leaves a message for his son Jay and asks to talk. Anna sees William’s number on Jay’s phone and calls him back. They save each other’s names with just their first letters. Anna calls to let William know that she’s coming over for lunch the following Sunday. Ingrid doesn’t like Anna very much, but William doesn’t say anything when she asks him about her.
  • The ending: William is confused about his feelings for Anna. He schedules his surgery to be done before they are supposed to meet. William decides to pursue Anna and makes it on time. They have a short but passionate sexual encounter and Anna takes a shower. William leaves without saying anything.

Obsession: First episode review

The first episode sets up the central conflict of the show – the forbidden attraction between William and Anna and the potential fallout it could have on the Farrow family. The episode establishes the characters and their relationships, as well as hints at the secrets and hidden desires that could unravel as the story progresses.

The pacing is measured, with a focus on building tension and intrigue. We get a glimpse into the complex dynamics of the Farrow family.

Ingrid is clearly unhappy with William’s behavior and there seems to be tension between her and Jay. Meanwhile, Sally seems to be dealing with her own issues, as she is seen taking prescription medication.

The introduction of Anna Barton adds an element of intrigue to the episode. The chemistry between her and William is palpable and it’s clear that they both feel a strong attraction to each other.

However, their relationship is complicated by the fact that Anna works for the government and is therefore, potentially off-limits. The episode ends on a cliffhanger, with William and Anna’s encounter leaving the audience wondering what will happen next.

The overall tone of the show is dark and moody, with an emphasis on the intense emotions and desires that drive the characters. It’s clear that the show is not afraid to delve into uncomfortable or taboo territory, making it a compelling watch for those who enjoy psychological thrillers.

Overall, the first episode of Obsession lays a solid foundation for the rest of the series, promising a compelling drama full of twists and turns.

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