Season 3 of award-winning series Stillwater returning to Apple TV+

Stillwater. Image courtesy Apple TV+
Stillwater. Image courtesy Apple TV+ /

Apple TV+ recently announced the release of the trailer for the third season of the award-winning animated series, Stillwater. The Peabody and Daytime Emmy Award-winning show is set to premiere globally on Friday, May 19.

In the new season, the three siblings, Karl, Addy, and Michael, face everyday challenges, both big and small, with the help of their wise panda neighbor, Stillwater. Through his stories and humor, Stillwater teaches them the concept of mindfulness, offering a deeper understanding of their feelings and the tools to face their daily challenges.

In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about Stillwater season three.

Season 3 of Stillwater

Stillwater is based on the Zen Shorts series by Jon J Muth and features the voices of James Sie (Stillwater), Eva Ariel Binder (Addy), Tucker Chandler (Michael), and Judah Mackey (Karl). In season three, the siblings continue to learn valuable life lessons with the help of their furry neighbor.

Stillwater’s guidance teaches them how to cope with new challenges such as dealing with their own emotions, finding solutions to problems, and discovering the beauty of nature.

Stillwater: The Characters

The main characters in Stillwater include the three siblings, Karl, Addy, and Michael, who live next door to Stillwater. Karl is the oldest and takes on the role of the responsible big brother.

Addy is the middle child who has a nurturing and caring personality. Michael is the youngest and often feels left out because his older siblings tend to exclude him.

Stillwater is a wise panda who offers guidance and teaches valuable life lessons.

Stillwater: Production Team

The show is produced by Gaumont Animation and Scholastic Entertainment, with Sidonie Dumas, Christophe Riandee, Nicolas Atlan, Terry Kalagian, Iole Lucchese, Caitlin Friedman, Jef Kaminsky and Rob Hoegee serving as executive producers. According to Apple TV+ Press, “Stillwater was produced in collaboration with awareness and intention expert Mallika Chopra, author of “Buddha and The Rose” and the “Just Be” series for kids, and CEO of Chopra Global, through Apple TV+’s changemakers initiative.”

Stillwater: What to expect from season 3

The show’s themes will include topics such as emotional regulation, problem-solving, and environmental awareness. Stillwater will continue to offer guidance through his stories and humor, providing viewers with valuable life lessons.

Stillwater: How to watch

Stillwater season three will be available to stream exclusively on Apple TV+. You can watch the show on any Apple device, including Apple TV, iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

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