Obsession season 1, episode 4 recap and review: Betrayal, tragedy and healing

Obsession. Cr: Netflix.
Obsession. Cr: Netflix. /

In the fourth episode of the dramatic series Obsession, things get really tense as the complicated lies and betrayals start to unravel. Jay, who is filled with suspicions, sets out on a life-changing journey that leads to a shocking and tragic discovery.

This revelation breaks hearts, changes lives forever, and forces the characters to face the consequences of their actions. In this recap, we’ll explore the emotionally charged events that take place, the deep feelings experienced by the characters, and the glimpses of hope for healing and redemption that begin to emerge.

Get ready we examine the aftermath of betrayal, the depths of sadness, and the uncertain path toward finding peace and recovery.

Obsession season 1, episode 4 recap – Betrayal, tragedy and healing

The episode begins with Jay following William and discovering him entering Anna’s apartment. Overwhelmed with resentment and fear, Jay calls Ingrid to inform her of the situation.

Heartbroken, Jay confronts them as William caresses Anna’s body, leading to a passionate encounter. Unable to comprehend the betrayal, Jay becomes incredulous and accidentally falls to his death from the railing.

In the aftermath, William sits next to Jay’s lifeless body, naked and grief-stricken, while Anna coldly walks past them without a second glance. The police and ambulance arrive at the scene, leaving Ingrid shattered and distraught.

Devastated by Jay’s death and the revelation of Anna and William’s affair, Ingrid blames William entirely for the disintegration of their family.

Netflix's Obsession Episode 4 Recap: Betrayal, tragedy, and healing
Obsession. Cr: Netflix. /

Obsession season 1, episode 4 recap – Ingrid’s Blame and Edward’s Insight

Later, Ingrid and William have a private conversation where she reveals that Jay called her before his fatal discovery. She places the blame squarely on William, suggesting he should have taken his own life upon realizing he had lost himself to Anna.

Edward, Jay’s brother, confronts William, emphasizing that Jay had tried to emulate him but possessed qualities far superior to his own. As the stage is set for Jay’s funeral, Elizabeth, Jay’s mother, attends, but Anna notably does not.

Elizabeth apologizes to William and mentions Aston, who also contemplated suicide. William rejects the notion that Jay intended to kill himself, while Elizabeth accuses Anna of running away after causing turmoil.

Ingrid requests a divorce from William, expressing her complete indifference towards him. Consumed by guilt and unanswered messages from Anna, William confronts Peggy, who reveals Anna’s whereabouts.

However, Anna has already decided to go to work and avoids contact with William. Elizabeth reveals her knowledge of boys falling intensely for Anna, including Aston and blames her for not accepting his love.

Anna, infuriated, leaves the house in anger.

Obsession season 1, episode 4 recap – Anna’s Retreat and Reflection

Anna retreats to a resort, presumably going on the previously planned honeymoon alone. There, she encounters a man named David, who admires her from a distance.

Anna introduces herself and hands him the keys to her room, revealing her past actions to David and his wife, Lynnette, in an attempt to gain perspective. Anna then visits a club and flirts with a man who later attempts to assault her.

She manages to escape his advances. Upon her return, Anna finds William waiting for her on the rooftop.

He takes care of her and they have breakfast together the next morning. William expresses regret for allowing uncertainty into his life when he met Anna, acknowledging how it destroyed everything.

However, their perspectives diverge as Anna believes they should own up to their mistakes, while William wants to continue their relationship. Anna, taken aback by his reaction, demands that he stay away from her, expressing her desire that they had never met.

Obsession season 1, episode 4 recap – A Twist of Events

In the final showdown, Anna visits Peggy’s apartment and calls William, but he encounters a realtor upon arriving. Anna had actually called Peggy for help and the scene with William occurs later, after Anna has left.

Anna writes a letter to William, assuring him that no matter what happens, she always survives and that he will also overcome this ordeal. She emphasizes that he will always have her, endlessly.

As the episode concludes, Anna begins therapy to address her issues, raising the question of whether she will be able to overcome them.

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