Citadel Season 1, Episode 5 Recap and Review: Time Renders Us Enemies

Priyanka Chopra Jonas as Nadia Sinh
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Welcome to the recap and review of Citadel season 1 episode 5, titled “Time Renders Us Enemies”! In this exciting episode, the relationships between the characters become more complicated, leading to intense emotions and surprising discoveries.

Love, betrayal, and hidden motives continue to shape the story, keeping viewers engaged and intrigued. With the actor’s captivating performances and the fast-paced plot, this episode guarantees an exciting viewing experience.

Prepare to delve deeper into the complex world of Citadel as the characters face the consequences of their choices and confront their enemies.

Citadel Season 1, Episode 5 recap

In this episode, a lot of complicated things happen between the characters. Nine years ago, Mason was deeply in love with Nadia and wanted to marry her.

He even bought her an expensive engagement ring to show his love. Nadia didn’t believe him at first and thought he was playing a trick on her, but Mason was sincere.

However, he made a mistake by erasing Celeste’s memories without talking to Nadia about it first. Someone sent Nadia a message showing what really happened to Celeste and that Bernard was involved.

Nadia, very angry, confronts Bernard, wanting to know if Mason knew about it. She decides to give Mason a chance to explain, but he lies to her again, which makes her even more furious.

Mason also deleted all information about Celeste because he wanted to protect Nadia, but he never asked her what she did with the Oz Key. Nadia chose to destroy the Oz Key in order to make sure that no one could use it.

Mason assumed Nadia was hiding from someone and became a spy, but he never asked her about it. He still says he loves Nadia, but she tells him that as a spy, she can love anyone except him.

Unfortunately, Nadia is pregnant with Mason’s child and decides to keep it a secret. She seeks help from Rahi Gambhir, who is known to be involved with Manticore, a dangerous organization.

Meanwhile, Bernard thinks he did something important by telling Anders that Briel is still alive. However, Dahlia surprises him by shooting Anders, when she sees Bernard being freed.

Dahlia only cares about getting the passkey to nuclear weapons that Bernard has. She threatens to bomb Bernard and Kane’s families if he doesn’t give her the code.

Bernard mentions a man named Thomas, but Dahlia doesn’t care and claims she is doing Thomas’ work by taking away military weapons and forces, especially targeting Citadel. To force Bernard, Dahlia’s prisoner, to give her the code, she threatens to bomb his family.

Bernard has no choice but to comply. However, Dahlia still plans to destroy Wyoming, where Bernard’s family lives and sends him to Brazil for other plans.

Dahlia tells Davik, Bernard’s brother, about Bernard’s supposed death, blaming Bernard for it. She also intercepts messages between Nadia and Rahi, unaware that they involve Nadia’s child.

In the present day, Mason and Nadia try to save Carter, but he believes Nadia is the spy and doesn’t want to leave with her. They manage to escape together just as Manticore agents arrive.

Outside of Fez, Carter questions Nadia, accusing her of being the spy. Mason, who is now called Kyle, also starts doubting Nadia’s behavior.

Citadel season 1, episode 5 recap and review: Time Renders Us Enemies
Citadel /

Citadel Season 1, Episode 5 recap Review

This episode of the series is a thrilling and emotional rollercoaster. Love, betrayal and hidden motives drive the story, keeping viewers engaged and guessing.

The writers skillfully create complex relationships and secrets that add to the suspense. The actor’s performances bring the characters to life, effectively showing the intense emotions and conflicts they face.

The chemistry between Mason and Nadia is strong, making their troubled relationship even more heartwrenching to watch. The plot moves quickly, maintaining tension throughout.

Each scene reveals new information and raises the stakes for the characters. The pregnancy storyline adds an interesting element, promising more complications and emotional turmoil in the future.

Overall, this episode keeps viewers captivated with its intricate plot, compelling characters and high-stakes situations. The well-executed twists and turns leave audiences eagerly anticipating the next episode to see how everything will come together and if the characters will find resolution or redemption.

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