Which TV shows made Show Snob’s Weekly 10 this week?

HBO Succession S3 06.16.21 Italy S3 Ep 8 - - a/ 23 - Ext La foce villa Kendall talks to the kids about Bianca Kriti Fitts - Publicist kristi.fitts@warnermedia.com Succession S2 | Sourdough Productions, LLC Silvercup Studios East - Annex 53-16 35th St., 4th FloorLong Island City, NY 11101 Office: 718-906-3332
HBO Succession S3 06.16.21 Italy S3 Ep 8 - - a/ 23 - Ext La foce villa Kendall talks to the kids about Bianca Kriti Fitts - Publicist kristi.fitts@warnermedia.com Succession S2 | Sourdough Productions, LLC Silvercup Studios East - Annex 53-16 35th St., 4th FloorLong Island City, NY 11101 Office: 718-906-3332 /

This week was a really difficult week for TV fans and Show Snob’s Weekly 10.  We had several season finales (Yellowjackets, Citadel) and series finales (Succession, Barry).

The Big Door Prize and Mrs. Davis (you should binge both if you didn’t start them), rolled off the list this week and were replaced by Ghosts of Beirut and High Desert.

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1. Succession (MAX)

We say goodbye to one of the worst TV families of all-time this week. The Roys ended things as dysfunctional as they started.

I was hoping for something a little more shocking than, “they don’t necessarily get what they want but they are all a few billion richer”, but it was an entertaining ending. As usual, Greg and Tom steal the show with a great bathroom fight.

2. Yellowjackets (Paramount+)

We learned a lot about a lot of things this week. Not everything made sense or came together cleanly, but this was a great season finale.

There was death (multiple deaths), lying, scheming, and a creation of all new secrets. I didn’t totally understand where this was all headed, but I would not have guessed this ending.

And now we know that there was nothing supernatural, they are all just a complete mess.

3. Barry (MAX)

Without totally spoiling the ending, it seems like most people got what they deserved, and some laughs were still preserved. I really wish they could have gotten Mark Wahlberg and some big-time actors to play them in the fake Barry movie.

4. City on Fire (Apple TV+)

Shocking episode this week. There are so many things that you couldn’t see coming.

The husband is looking more and more guilty for something, maybe not the murder. We find out that the kid didn’t do it.

And the lead singer is looking more and more guilty, maybe for the murder. If you aren’t watching City on Fire, you need to catch up quick.

5. High Desert (Apple TV+)

I don’t know if we are ever going to find out if there is a reward out for finding the Guru’s wife or for solving her murder. And I don’t care.

Right now, we have a competition of who is the best part of this show: Patricia Arquette or Matt Dillon. Together, they are the best couple on TV.

6. Somebody Somewhere (MAX)

They released two episodes for Memorial Day and Sam was busy. She made up with her sister, she made up with Joel, she forgave her dead sister, she sang three songs, went to a funeral, and a wedding.

Busy, busy.

7. Ghosts of Beirut (Paramount+)

This show is so intense. Embassies are blowing up, people are kidnapped, bunkers are decimated.

If you stop and remember that this is a true story, and real embassies actually blew up and real people were kidnapped and killed, the show gets more intense and actually quite disturbing.

8. Citadel (Amazon Prime Video)

Citadel ended this week on episode 6. This show moves really fast, so it is a really great binge now.

The finale had twists upon twists and seemed to overdue the shock factor a bit. Is Nadia the bad guy?

Is Mason the bad guy? What about Tucci?

You’ll find out. The finale was a bit of a mess, but this was a high octane show and was a ton of fun in a very James Bond kind of way, (just suspend some belief systems and you’ll be just fine).

9. White House Plumbers (MAX)

Hunt and Liddy are now completely outed by the media as their gang is in prison. While Hunt negotiates money from the government, Liddy is hung out to dry, so he tries to blackmail the Attorney General.

Hunt’s wife, played by Lena Headey (Game of Thrones), takes control and is suddenly one of the best characters. Nixon already won the presidency, which Hunt takes credit for, so the finale next week should show how all this ends for Hunt and Liddy.

This week’s episode was fantastic, and I think the finale will be even better.

10. Silo 9 (Apple TV+)

This week we investigated multiple murders at the same time, in order to figure out who is keeping the most secrets. We learn a little bit more about what, “Judicial” means.

The great part is that bad data means the bad guys planted evidence in the wrong place. Whoops.

Great Shows That Did Not Make Showsnob’s Weekly 10 That You Need to Know About

  • Platonic (Apple TV+): Starring Seth Rogan and Rose Byrne this is the story of two friends who are so close that they make their significant others and other friends uncomfortable. They get into hijinks together, seem to be able to read each other’s minds, and don’t really care about boundaries at all. At 30 minutes a episode, there are some really funny parts, pretty funny parts, and just funny parts.
  • American Born Chinese (Disney+): With guest appearances by Daniel Wu (Into the Badlands) and Michelle Yeoh (Everything Everywhere All at Once), this is a young adult show about a whole bunch of stuff. 90 percent of the show is your standard, awkward teenager struggling to meet girls, make friends, and play soccer. Five percent is about racism toward the Asian American population. And five percent is about a mythical war in some other realm with mystical scrolls and magic staffs. When there is action, the Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon-style of crazy, gravity-defying moves is phenomenal. It just takes a long time to get there each episode and the fantasy plot is equally thin.
  • The Clearing (Hulu): This show is a spooky, serial child kidnapping story out of Australia. A woman, who calls herself Mother, leads a cult called the Kindred, that kidnaps kids and changes their hair to make them look like the Mother. The shows bounces between a past timeline where a girl named Sara is kidnapped and doesn’t acquiesce to Mother’s ways easily and the present, where one of the girls is taking care of Mother in her old age. At least after the first two episodes, this show was disturbing and interesting enough that we’ll keep going.
  • FUBAR (Netflix): No this isn’t a great show. You aren’t going to learn anything from this show. This show will not push your thinking on important topics. But it stars Arnold Schwarzenegger as an old, washed-up CIA agent. What is not to like?
  • Class of ’09 (Hulu): The three timelines seem to crowd this week’s episode as there wasn’t enough time to push forward any of the plots to anything very meaningful. We got some explosions and some gunfights, but it wasn’t totally what we are looking for.
  • Primo (Amazon Prime Video/Freevee): The uncles get funnier as the show goes on.
  • Fatal Attraction (Paramount+): The show ended this week in a strange turn of events. We get to see who killed Alex, and we start to see how disturbed the daughter is. I guess the next season will be the daughter’s fatal attraction. The second half of this season got a whole lot better.
  • Dave (FX): This was a good episode as Dave has to look in the mirror about all his neurosis and idiosyncrasies. Maybe not too funny and ends with him disgustingly having sex with his sex doll, but a very entertaining episode.
  • The Other Two (MAX): Another ridiculous episode where the group goes to a multi-night play, Brooke gets back in the business, and Cary tries to convince his boyfriend that he doesn’t have AIDS, only his character does.
  • Gotham Knights (The CW): We finally meet the bad guy who killed Bruce Wayne.
  • #BringBackAlice (MAX): Alice becomes more and more controlling as the series moves on.

Wait and See

  • Fear the Walking Dead (AMC): Bringing back Madison was a terrible idea. She is ruining this final season with all of the overacting. The PADRE thing just isn’t interesting enough.

Don’t Wait and Don’t See

  • Love and Death (MAX): Love and Death finished this week. If you haven’t started this series, don’t. Maybe because it is a true story, they couldn’t make it interesting, other than a pretty great axe murder.
  • Ted Lasso (Apple TV+): I guess this episode was the Mom episode. Next week is the series finale, and I think Ted will quit. I would keep watching the show with just Beard and Roy Kent.
  • Superman & Lois (The CW): This show is one step below “no fun.”

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Which of the following shows from our list have you watched? Which one did you enjoy the most?

Let us know in the comments below!