Fear the Walking Dead Season 8, Episode 3 recap “Odessa”

Kim Dickens as Madison Clark - Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 8, Gallery - Photo Credit: Brendan Meadows/AMC
Kim Dickens as Madison Clark - Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 8, Gallery - Photo Credit: Brendan Meadows/AMC /

In Fear the Walking Dead season 8 episode 3 everything is about to change. As much as PADRE tries and tries, they cannot keep Madison confined.

Another reunion reveals itself, as Madison and June meet face-to-face again. She used to know her as Naomi and Madison is far from trusting.

She wants to keep her promise to Mo and help reunite the children to their parents that she took so long ago. On the other hand, Mo is in deep trying to find the real reason for PADRE’s intentions.

It was the moment Fear the Walking Dead fans had been waiting for since last season; the reveal. Fans have been speculating many names of the past to be the face behind PADRE.

But nobody could really predict how the story would unfold.

Fear the Walking Dead season 8, episode 3 recap – ”She’s brought PADRE plenty of pain, it’s time she felt a little herself.”

Shrike was about to perform the same treatment on Madison that Finch just got. June would do the best she could to help her fight the bite and treat her with radiation, the way she did with Dwight and Sherry’s son.

But Mo saves the day. At the start, it looks as if PADRE could be Shrike and her brother’s father.

Shrike even admits to Dove that she is PADRE’s daughter. But looks can be deceiving.

Dove wants to get down to the bottom of what Madison and Mo are telling her about Shrike and about PADRE. They have a run in with the army of parents, but she wants to meet with PADRE himself and learn the truth about everything.

Daniel saves the day again as his army of parents who had Madison and the gang surrounded the two groups band together. He explained to Madison what happened with Charlie, but he did not reveal she was responsible for Nick’s death.

He confessed he really wanted to be there for Charlie’s death, who had become like a daughter to him, because he wasn’t there for his own daughters. Madison, however, was there in Ofelia’s last moments, so that scene really came full circle.

Daniel asked the smart question we all were thinking; why does PADRE separate families while keeping his own? It makes a hypocrisy out of the whole movement.

For the meantime, Finch seems healthy. The radiotherapy June gave him is working thus far.

Due to Ben’s critical mistake, it ultimately leads to the death of their father in a shipyard full of the dead. Upon getting bitten he tells them to carry on with his plan.

That is now what they live for and what they fight so hard to protect. Because their own father couldn’t protect them, they believe no family great or small can protect their children.

But children can protect children. In present time, Shrike knows she’s back against the wall and admits her father will not admit to anything because he’s dead.

Fear the Walking Dead season 8, episode 3 recap – “We are PADRE.”

Shrike strikes me to be the one who wears the pants and is the leader of this operation. Ben doesn’t come across as a powerful being but more of an image.

He can disguise his voice to sound tough but his personality says otherwise. She still allows them to look at Dove’s file which reveals her true name to be, Odessa.

Ava, her mother was a woman Madison was responsible for killing and one she let believe could get her daughter back. PADRE’s goal has been to protect children from experiencing unimaginable loss that the weight of this world carries.

They keep parents away from the children, so they don’t have to live through the pain of losing a parent, the way that they did. Doing experiments to find a cure for Carrion is a way they can fix everything, in the hopes that one day parents and children can co-exist together again.

In the meantime, this is the way they believe they have to protect these children. Dove desperately wants Madison to pay for her crimes, the life she helped take.

The hope that she gave Dove just to be ripped away. June tried to plead with her to join them but alas it doesn’t happen.

Daniel’s army surround Shrike and her people in order to let Madison and June go.

The children will have to learn for themselves and break free from Shrike’s chains. Mo is trying her best to get them to see the light, but Madison knows they’ll never follow her.

She’s done too much damage to them. It will be up to Morgan to lead them down a better path, into the world they deserve.

For now they will have to hold things steady, until Morgan is back from dealing with the demons of his past.

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Fear the Walking Dead season 8 episode 4 will air on June 4 on AMC.