City on Fire season 1, episode 6 recap “Annus Horriblis”

City on Fire premiering May 12, 2023 on Apple TV+.
City on Fire premiering May 12, 2023 on Apple TV+. /

In the thrilling City on Fire season 1 episode 6, we witness the aftermath of the intense events that unfolded in the previous installment. William, the troubled artist, finds himself fighting for his life, as he resurfaces from a river and makes his way to his family’s water-side mansion.

Meanwhile, Mercer, his partner, anxiously watches as a body is removed from William’s studio, only to discover that it is William’s gallerist, Bruno, and not William himself.

City on Fire Season 1 Episode 6 Recap: William’s resurgence

After his near-death experience, William manages to swim to the surface and takes control of a boat, determined to reach his family’s mansion. As he embarks on this journey, memories of his life flash before his eyes, offering glimpses into his troubled past and the choices that led him to this point.

City on Fire Season 1 Episode 6 Recap: Mercer’s worries

As the body is being taken away from William’s studio, Mercer fears the worst. The detectives approach him and inquire about Bruno, leading to an update on William’s whereabouts. Relieved but still concerned for his partner, Mercer grapples with the aftermath of the studio fire and the uncertainty surrounding William’s fate.

City on Fire Season 1 Episode 6 Recap: Amory’s anger towards Nick

Following the studio fire, Mercer seeks shelter with Regan. In the midst of their struggle to come to terms with recent events, Amory pays them a visit under the guise of offering his assistance.

However, it soon becomes apparent that Amory’s intentions are far from genuine, and his visit serves as a thinly veiled threat. Regan and Mercer promptly ask Amory to leave, prompting him to unleash his pent-up anger.

Amory reveals that Nicky, their acquaintance, is responsible for an innocent bystander’s death, and that William may still be alive. Overwhelmed by guilt and fear, Amory’s emotions reach a boiling point.

City on Fire Season 1 Episode 6 Recap: Disturbing discoveries at Amory’s cottage

In the present timeline, William and Jacob delve into an investigation of Amory’s cottage. Their search yields boxes filled with files containing information on the entire family. It becomes evident that Amory has been meticulously gathering data and gathering dirt on each member.

Shockingly, they uncover a file on Regan, indicating that a past incident involving rape resulted in an undisclosed pregnancy. It seems Regan secretly gave birth to a child.

Nicky’s file reveals that he is labeled as a pyromaniac, shedding light on his troubled history.

City on Fire Season 1 Episode 6 Recap: Nicky’s vengeful plan

Detective Parsa contacts Samantha’s father, seeking information about the fireworks used in the city fires. To their alarm, they discover that key items have been stolen, potentially for the construction of a bomb.

The situation takes a dangerous turn when Charlie inadvertently stumbles upon Nicky with the bomb. Nicky confesses that his sinister creation is intended for revenge against Samantha’s shooter, believing he has identified the culprit.

City on Fire Season 1 Episode 6 Recap: Unraveling Nicky’s true nature

Charlie confronts Nicky about his erratic and unhinged behavior, pointing out that he is merely a pyromaniac without any genuine political or social motives. Nicky dismisses Charlie’s concerns and orders him to leave.

However, it becomes apparent that Charlie knows too much, making him a liability. Sol, a dangerous individual involved in their crimes, hints at his willingness to eliminate Charlie to protect their secrets.

City on Fire Season 1 Episode 6 Recap: Charlie’s escape and desperate plea

Realizing the danger he is in, Charlie manages to escape the hideout and flees for his life, pursued by Sol, the ruthless killer. Desperate to seek help, Charlie reaches a phone booth and dials 911, urgently informing them of the individuals involved in the creation of a bomb.


City on Fire season 1 episode 6 delivers a captivating and intense storyline, showcasing the characters’ individual struggles and the web of secrets that binds them. With William’s resurgence, Amory’s anger, the disturbing discoveries at Amory’s cottage, and Nicky’s vengeful plan, the episode leaves us on the edge of our seats, eagerly anticipating the next installment.

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The 58-minute City on Fire season 1 episode 7 “The Demon Brother”, will be released on Apple TV+ on Friday, June 9, 2023, at Midnight PT.