Jensen Ackles accepts the campaign to save The Winchesters is officially over

Efforts to give The Winchesters a second season have fallen. It seems the timing was just not right for The CW prequel to Supernatural.

However, Jensen Ackles fully believes there could be a place for the show in the future, somewhere down the road.

The campaign to save The Winchesters was in full swing by Jensen and members of Supernatural. But Jensen finally admitted to defeat, saving it was not possible.

The show was cancelled on May 11 with fans and cast alike working effortlessly to continue the Supernatural legacy for the show. The Winchesters was not the worst show at The CW by far.

It ranked well, but it was still not enough. Jensen had huge plans for the future and the cast is so very proud of everyone who pitched in to help keep the show on the map.

It didn’t end how everyone would have liked but there is nothing to hang their heads about. The Winchesters may have failed to find a new home but one thing they excel out is: family.

The Supernatural family is one of the largest and most loyal fanbases I have seen in television. They will not be going anywhere.

When it comes time for another run, they will be ready. Let’s talk about what The Winchesters did give the fans.

The beauty of The Winchesters

We got an all-new insight into the minds and lives of John and Mary Winchester. Though their children ruled the world of Supernatural, fans got to see how it all began, because without them there is no Supernatural.

It was a love story for the ages. Fans got to witness the ups and down of the couple. Through all the heartache they had both suffered in this world they shared an intense love and passion for one other.

As we know that led them to create a family and a legacy of the Winchester name. Mary struggled through the loss in her life and John struggled with the loss of his father and PTSD from Vietnam.

With the help of their friends, they made a formidable team and aided in saving the world time and time again. It’s yet to be known how much Dean and Sam know about all the good their parents did, but we know they would be proud.

They created a steppingstone for their children to carry on the name and save those who needed to be saved. In my opinion they would all be proud of each other.

It’s a shame we couldn’t see more of what Jensen Ackles and Robbie Thompson had in store for more supernatural success. There were countless stories to tell and hopefully we will see them all again soon.

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You can watch The Winchesters season 1 on The CW.