Exploring Marvel’s Secret Invasion comic book storyline

Secret Invasion. Photo courtesy of Marvel Studios. © 2022 MARVEL.
Secret Invasion. Photo courtesy of Marvel Studios. © 2022 MARVEL. /

Coming soon to Disney+, Secret Invasion is TV series set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Created by Kyle Bradstreet, the show is based on a famous Marvel Comics storyline.

Premiering on June 21, 2023, it will consist of 6 episodes, marking the beginning of Phase Five in the MCU. Get ready for an action-packed and thrilling journey as you join your beloved superheroes in the world of Secret Invasion.

Exploring the fascinating storyline of Marvel’s Secret Invasion Comic Book

Secret Invasion is a popular comic book storyline in Marvel Comics that served as the inspiration for the highly anticipated series of the same name. It was originally published as an 8 issue limited series in 2008, written by Brian Michael Bendis and illustrated by Leinil Francis Yu.

The storyline revolves around a secret invasion of Earth by shape-shifting aliens known as the Skrulls. The Skrulls have the ability to perfectly mimic the appearance and powers of any individual they encounter, allowing them to infiltrate human society undetected.

This infiltration has been ongoing for years, with key individuals, including superheroes and political figures, being replaced by Skrull impostors.

Exploring Marvel's Secret Invasion Comic Book storyline
Kingsley Ben-Adir as Rebel Skrull leader Gravik in Marvel Studios’ Secret Invasion, exclusively on Disney+. Photo courtesy of Marvel Studios. © 2022 MARVEL. /

As the story unfolds, it becomes clear that the Skrulls have been orchestrating their invasion for a long time, with their ultimate goal being the conquest and subjugation of Earth. The infiltration of the Skrulls creates a sense of paranoia and mistrust among the superhero community, as they struggle to identify friend from foe.

The Secret Invasion storyline is known for its shocking twists and reveals, as beloved characters are unmasked as Skrull impostors. The series also delves into the moral complexities of the situation, as characters grapple with the realization that people they trusted and fought alongside may not be who they seem.

The comic book storyline had a significant impact on the Marvel Universe, leading to major status quo changes and character developments. It explored themes of identity, trust and the nature of heroism and its repercussions reverberated across multiple Marvel titles.

Fans can expect an exciting and suspenseful storyline that captures the essence of the comic book source material. With its intriguing premise and rich character dynamics, the series promises to be a thrilling addition to the MCU.

Are Skrulls good or evil?

The Skrulls are a group of alien beings in the Marvel universe, often portrayed as villains. The Skrulls have appeared in Marvel Comics for many years, usually as enemies of the Fantastic Four and involved in a long-standing conflict with the Kree, another alien race.

Sometimes, they are portrayed as evil, while other times Marvel presents them as a regular sentient species with their own thoughts, desires, fears and biases. In the crossover event Secret Invasion and the Captain Marvel comics, the Skrulls played a significant role as the main antagonists.

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