Fear the Walking Dead: Season 8, Episode 5 recap “More Time Than You Know”

Karen David as Grace - Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 8, Episode 5 - Photo Credit: Lauren "Lo" Smith/AMC
Karen David as Grace - Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 8, Episode 5 - Photo Credit: Lauren "Lo" Smith/AMC /

We left off last week in Fear the Walking Dead with Grace bitten in the abdomen, unfortunately, even after already having cancer from too much exposure to radiation in her past. And though the writing is a little recycled and too over the top with Grace, Karen David stole the show.

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Her acting was impeccable, which is a great feat given the limitations she was working with. It was a race against time for Grace.

All she wanted to do was live out what little time she had left with the people she loved the most. Grace knew that fighting off her bite with more radiation wasn’t going to be the miracle Mo wanted.

Nonetheless, Mo worked tirelessly to get to June. The only vision she could have was that of saving her mother.

She just got Grace and Morgan back and wasn’t willing to give that up. Even if it was selfish on her part.

They need to get to the train car that has the equipment they can save Grace with. Shrike offers up a deal for Morgan and his team to clear the walker horde inside the shipyard.

Shrike is trying to protect the valuable contents in the containers.

Fear the Walking Dead season 8, episode 5 recap – “I don’t want anyone to die for me.”

Grace is aware she doesn’t have much time anyway and admits to Mo she was already sick with cancer. Though Mo was devastated, she still wants to give them more time.

She is not satisfied with one day. Grace doesn’t want Morgan, Daniel and his army to take unnecessary risks for her survival.

Mo and Morgan make a great dynamic duo when it comes to saving Grace. Fighting the PADRE soldiers who keep putting a wrench in their plans to get Grace to the train car.

But too much time keeps passing. It’s not hard for the audience to figure out what’s coming.

Morgan and Mo are adamant about giving Grace more time, but all she wants to do is go the repeater station and live out her last moments with her family. She knows she’s dying either way, whether it’s now or weeks from now.

She wants to go out her terms, but they aren’t letting her do it.

Fear the Walking Dead season 8, episode 5 recap – “If I’m not gonna make it, I at least wanted to give her a moment there.”

Through the years Grace had been collecting items and stored them there to make a home for them. It may have just been hopeful wishing at the time, but she wanted to make them a home.

A home they may never have, but deep down she believed in. Family and home is something she wanted to give Mo.

A place where she could feel safe. A sense of belonging with warmth and love.

And still all Mo and Morgan can see are their own selfish views. Which is understandable, but they should have given Grace what she wished for.

All Grace wanted to do was spend the little time she had left with the people that PADRE has kept her from for years. Too much time has already been wasted, and now Finch is getting a fever.

The treatment that June gave him is proving to be unsuccessful. Grace knows this.

Morgan finally offers for them to spend her last moments out at the old swamp house. It isn’t much but it’s close.

Unfortunately Mo will not give up. After Morgan separates from the two to hold PADRE off of them, Mo gets Grace on the tracks heading towards the train car.

This is where things go awry. Mo is on the walkie with June to be coached through administering the radiation for Grace. She says because she already has cancer, it doesn’t matter how much radiation they give her.

They really should have verified some things with medical experts before writing this. Sadly, Grace didn’t get the radiotherapy in time.

June advises Mo to enjoy the time they have left. She’s done all she could do.

It’s heartbreaking but they’ve exhausted every effort.

Fear the Walking Dead season 8, episode 5 recap – “You gave us more time than you know.”

There is an agonizing exchange on the walkie between Morgan and Grace. You could feel the impending pain of losing each other.

The life they shared, the life they lost and would never get to have. Karen David’s acting becomes softer the weaker Grace becomes and it’s devastatingly gutting.

The most heart-rending point came a few moments before Grace passed on. Mo is upset with herself that she couldn’t be fast enough to give her mother more time.

But Grace tells her how it’s just the opposite. “You gave us a reason to live. You gave us more time than you know.”

Mo has the same struggles trying to take down her mother and nearly gets bit again, but Morgan comes through to take Grace down. This time, without a second thought, proving that he can keep Mo protected.

“I don’t die, everybody else does, but I don’t.” You know it’s repetitive writing when even Shrike is saying you should ask yourself why that keeps happening Morgan.

The full-blown season of communicating through walkie talkies seems lazy and uninteresting. But what’s even worse in this episode is giving radiation to somebody who is already dying from too much exposure to radiation, compromising an already immunocompromised body.

Not to mention, we are witnessing Morgan lose another wife and left with another child he has to fight to keep alive. I give the acting an A, but the writing a C, and that’s being nice.

More than recycled storylines were expected for the last season. It almost feels like we keep getting Morgan resets every time he has some growth.

Will he get Mo away from PADRE once and for all? Find out next week on the mid-season finale of Fear the Walking Dead.

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Fear the Walking Dead season 8 episode 6 will air on June 18 on AMC.