Black Mirror season 6, episode 3 recap: “Beyond the Sea”

Black Mirror. Josh Hartnett as David in Black Mirror. Cr. Nick Wall/Netflix © 2023.
Black Mirror. Josh Hartnett as David in Black Mirror. Cr. Nick Wall/Netflix © 2023. /

Welcome to our recap of the third episode of Black Mirror season 6, titled “Beyond the Sea.” In this fascinating episode, we travel back to 1969 and meet two main characters, David Ross and Cliff.

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Their lives change drastically when they get involved in a strange and life-changing event. Throughout the episode, we witness important events that make us think about what is real and who we truly are.

The story explores the consequences of advanced technology and raises important questions about our identity. It’s a thought-provoking journey that challenges us to consider the darker side of human nature.

Black Mirror season 6, episode 3 recap

In season 6 episode 3 of Black Mirror, we are taken back to 1969 and introduced to two main characters, David Ross and Cliff, who become involved in a mysterious and life-altering experience. In this article, we provide a simple summary of the episode, focusing on the important events and what happened as a result.

  • David Ross’s idyllic life: David Ross enjoys a perfect life with his partner Jessica and their children. However, there are doubts about his existence, as people find him remarkably realistic. One night, David receives a notification on his wristwatch, prompting him to abruptly leave after an intimate moment with Jessica.
  • Cliff’s quiet life: Cliff leads a quieter life in the countryside with his partner Lana and their son Henry. They have recently moved to escape the crowds, but Cliff’s relationship with Henry is strained. Like David, Cliff also receives a notification on his watch, leading both men to be transported to a spaceship by sitting in special chairs.
  • Summoned to the spaceship: David and Cliff are summoned to the spaceship due to a warning, and Cliff embarks on a space mission to address the issue. They successfully complete the mission and return to their lives on Earth. However, tensions arise between Cliff and Lana when she suggests throwing a party for the locals, while Cliff remains hesitant.
Black Mirror season 6, episode 2 recap: “Beyond the Sea”
Aaron Paul in Black Mirror season 6. Cr. Nick Wall/Netflix © 2023. /
  • David’s encounter with cultists: Meanwhile, David wakes up at home to find himself confronted by a group of cultists led by a charismatic figure resembling Charlie Manson. Believing David to be a replica, they demand to see the machine beneath his surface. In a horrifying turn of events, they forcibly cut off David’s arm, revealing a network of wires. The cultists hold David and his family hostage, resulting in their brutal murder and the destruction of David’s life.
  • Grief and isolation: Cliff receives a call informing him of David’s tragic fate. He returns to the spaceship and finds him in a state of grief and isolation. With David’s replica on Earth destroyed, he remains alone, consumed by sorrow.
  • David’s struggle and new life: David watches his family’s funeral from the spaceship, tormented by his thoughts. Cliff alternates his time between the spaceship and Earth. During one of their switches, David awakens inside Cliff’s body, experiencing a completely new life on Earth. Overwhelmed by the sensations and surroundings, David finds solace in Lana’s presence but struggles to let go of this new existence.
  • Divisions and tensions: As time passes, divisions emerge, and Lana grows closer to David while distancing herself from Cliff. David convinces Lana to accompany him to the hardware store and bookstore, where a cashier unknowingly discusses replicas and recommends a sci-fi book to Lana. When the men switch bodies again, Cliff completes an oil painting of Lana as a thank-you gift. However, Lana becomes hesitant during their dance, realizing the boundaries and refusing to betray her husband.
  • Doubts and discoveries: Upon returning to Earth, Cliff learns about the situation and believes David should complete the oil painting as closure before finding a way to prevent his return. While searching through David’s belongings, Cliff discovers nude drawings of Lana in David’s bunk. David admits his despair and acknowledges the drawings, intensifying Cliff’s doubts about Lana’s loyalty.
  • A breaking point: The strained relationship between David and Cliff reaches its breaking point when David brings Cliff back to the spaceship but strands him there while he visits Lana and Henry one last time. Upon returning to Earth, Cliff finds a gruesome scene of bloodshed, discovering that David has murdered Lana and Henry.
  • Uncertain future: Devastated and grief-stricken, Cliff returns to the spaceship, where David offers him a seat, leaving their future together uncertain.

The episode wants us to think about the risks of using advanced technology and how it can affect our lives. It raises important questions about our identity and what it means to be human.

Black Mirror season 6, episode 3 review

“Beyond the Sea,” the third episode of Black Mirror season 6, takes us on a fascinating journey where technology blurs reality and identity. The episode makes us think about the consequences of using advanced technology.

The story follows David and Cliff, who go through strange experiences that raise important questions about who we are. The episode shows how technology can affect our lives and poses ethical dilemmas.

The actors’ performances, especially David and Cliff, bring depth and emotion to the story. We feel their grief, loneliness, and desire for connection, which makes the events even more impactful.

Beyond the Sea” explores themes of identity, loyalty, and the darker side of human nature. It makes us think about our actions and the limits we should set when using advanced technology.

The episode keeps us engaged with suspense and surprising twists. However, some viewers might find the complex story and dark themes challenging.

The exploration of human nature’s dark side can be unsettling, but it’s what makes Black Mirror unique. Overall, “Beyond the Sea” tells a gripping and thought-provoking story about the consequences of technology.

It raises questions about our existence, choices, and the moral implications of pushing the limits of what we can do. Black Mirror continues to push boundaries and leaves us thinking about the line between being human and being replicated.

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